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func AboveOpr

func AboveOpr(name string, val interface{}) string

AboveOpr AboveOpr

func BelowOpr

func BelowOpr(name string, val interface{}) string

BelowOpr BelowOpr

func EqualOpr

func EqualOpr(name string, val interface{}) string

EqualOpr EqualOpr

func InOpr

func InOpr(name string, val interface{}) string

InOpr InOpr

func LikeOpr

func LikeOpr(name string, val interface{}) string

LikeOpr LikeOpr

func NotEqualOpr

func NotEqualOpr(name string, val interface{}) string

NotEqualOpr NotEqualOpr

func NotInOpr

func NotInOpr(name string, val interface{}) string

NotInOpr NotInOpr


type Builder

type Builder interface {
	GetTableName() string
	BuildCreateSchema() (string, error)
	BuildDropSchema() (string, error)
	BuildInsert() (string, error)
	BuildUpdate() (string, error)
	BuildDelete() (string, error)
	BuildQuery(filter model.Filter) (string, error)
	BuildCount(filter model.Filter) (string, error)
	BuildBatchQuery(filter model.Filter) (string, error)

	GetRelationTableName(fieldName string, relationInfo model.Model) string
	BuildCreateRelationSchema(fieldName string, relationInfo model.Model) (string, error)
	BuildDropRelationSchema(fieldName string, relationInfo model.Model) (string, error)
	BuildInsertRelation(fieldName string, relationInfo model.Model) (string, error)
	BuildDeleteRelation(fieldName string, relationInfo model.Model) (string, string, error)
	BuildQueryRelation(fieldName string, relationInfo model.Model) (string, error)

	GetInitializeValue(field model.Field) (interface{}, error)

Builder orm builder

func NewBuilder

func NewBuilder(modelInfo model.Model, modelProvider provider.Provider) Builder

NewBuilder new builder

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