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Package testdraw provides helpers for tests that use the draw package.



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func MustBorder

func MustBorder(c *canvas.Canvas, border image.Rectangle, opts ...draw.BorderOption)

MustBorder draws border on the canvas or panics.

func MustBrailleCircle

func MustBrailleCircle(bc *braille.Canvas, mid image.Point, radius int, opts ...draw.BrailleCircleOption)

MustBrailleCircle draws the braille circle or panics.

func MustBrailleLine

func MustBrailleLine(bc *braille.Canvas, start, end image.Point, opts ...draw.BrailleLineOption)

MustBrailleLine draws the braille line or panics.

func MustHVLines

func MustHVLines(c *canvas.Canvas, lines []draw.HVLine, opts ...draw.HVLineOption)

MustHVLines draws the vertical / horizontal lines or panics.

func MustRectangle

func MustRectangle(c *canvas.Canvas, r image.Rectangle, opts ...draw.RectangleOption)

MustRectangle draws the rectangle on the canvas or panics.

func MustResizeNeeded

func MustResizeNeeded(cvs *canvas.Canvas)

MustResizeNeeded draws the character or panics.

func MustText

func MustText(c *canvas.Canvas, text string, start image.Point, opts ...draw.TextOption)

MustText draws the text on the canvas or panics.

func MustVerticalText

func MustVerticalText(c *canvas.Canvas, text string, start image.Point, opts ...draw.VerticalTextOption)

MustVerticalText draws the vertical text on the canvas or panics.


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