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type Resource

type Resource struct {
	// Namespaced is true if the resource is namespaced
	Namespaced bool

	// Kind is the API Kind.
	Kind string

	// Resource is the API Resource.
	Resource string

Resource contains the information required to scaffold files for a resource.

func (*Resource) Validate

func (r *Resource) Validate() error

Validate checks the Resource values to make sure they are valid.

type ScaffoldOptions

type ScaffoldOptions struct {
	Resource        Resource
	AdditionalHelp  string
	GenerateClients bool

ScaffoldOptions describes how to scaffold out a Kubernetes object with the basic metadata and comment annotations required to generate code for and conform to runtime.Object and metav1.Object.

func (*ScaffoldOptions) Scaffold

func (o *ScaffoldOptions) Scaffold(out io.Writer) error

Scaffold prints the Kubernetes object scaffolding to the given output.

func (*ScaffoldOptions) Validate

func (o *ScaffoldOptions) Validate() error

Validate validates the options, returning an error if anything is invalid.

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