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type Delta

type Delta struct {
	Context string   `json:"context,omitempty"`
	Updates []Update `json:"updates"`

Delta as specified in

type Full

type Full struct {
	Version string            `json:"version"`
	Self    string            `json:"self"`
	Vessels map[string]Vessel `json:"vessels"`

Full as specified in

func NewFull

func NewFull(self string) *Full

NewFull creates a Full model

func (*Full) AddValue

func (full *Full) AddValue(value Value)

AddValue adds a value to the Full model

type Source

type Source struct {
	Label    string `json:"label"`
	Type     string `json:"type"`
	Talker   string `json:"talker,omitempty"`
	Sentence string `json:"sentence,omitempty"`
	AisType  uint8  `json:"aisType,omitempty"`

Source is part of an Update

type Update

type Update struct {
	Source    Source  `json:"source"`
	Timestamp string  `json:"timestamp"`
	Values    []Value `json:"values"`

Update is part of a Delta

type Value

type Value struct {
	Context string                    `json:"context,omitempty"`
	Path    []string                  `json:"path"`
	Value   nanomsg.MappedDataCreator `json:"value"`

Value is part of an Update

type Vessel

type Vessel struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Vessel element of a Full model

func (*Vessel) AddValue

func (vessel *Vessel) AddValue(value Value)

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