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type Dispatcher

type Dispatcher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Dispatcher is responsible for handling all events, including connection and registration events originating from the client, and events originating from the event hub server. All events are processed in a single Go routine in order to avoid any race conditions. This avoids the need for synchronization.

func New

func New(context fabcontext.Client, chConfig fab.ChannelCfg, connectionProvider api.ConnectionProvider, opts ...options.Opt) *Dispatcher

New creates a new event hub dispatcher

func (*Dispatcher) Start

func (ed *Dispatcher) Start() error

Start starts the dispatcher

type RegisterInterestsEvent

type RegisterInterestsEvent struct {
	Interests []*pb.Interest
	ErrCh     chan<- error

RegisterInterestsEvent registers interests with the event hub

func NewRegisterInterestsEvent

func NewRegisterInterestsEvent(interests []*pb.Interest, errch chan<- error) *RegisterInterestsEvent

NewRegisterInterestsEvent returns a RegisterInterests event

type UnregisterInterestsEvent

type UnregisterInterestsEvent struct {
	Interests []*pb.Interest
	ErrCh     chan<- error

UnregisterInterestsEvent unregisters interests with the event hub

func NewUnregisterInterestsEvent

func NewUnregisterInterestsEvent(interests []*pb.Interest, errch chan<- error) *UnregisterInterestsEvent

NewUnregisterInterestsEvent returns an UnregisterInterests event

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