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func ApproleLogin

func ApproleLogin(c *api.Client, approleId string) (accessToken string, err error)

ApproleLogin performs an Approlelogin on a Client with an approleid and returns the accessToken

func GetClient

func GetClient(conf *api.Config, approleid string) (*pfkv.Client, error)

GetClient returns a postfinance vault client.

func GetTypes

func GetTypes(pfc *pfkv.Client, vpath string) map[Filetype]bool

GetTypes returns similar to GetType the types of the requested resources imagine following situation:


here foo is a secret as well as a subdirectory. It should be possible, to get both those types

func GetValueFromKey

func GetValueFromKey(pfc *pfkv.Client, vpath string) (string, error)

func IsKey

func IsKey(pfc *pfkv.Client, vpath string) bool

func IsPath

func IsPath(pfc *pfkv.Client, vpath string) bool

func IsSecret

func IsSecret(pfc *pfkv.Client, vpath string) bool


type Filetype

type Filetype byte

Filetype defines the type of the returned value element of vault

const (
	CNull   Filetype = 0 // not a valid vault element
	CPath   Filetype = 1 // exists in Vault as a directory
	CSecret Filetype = 2 // exists in Vault as a secret
	CKey    Filetype = 3 // Key of a key=value pair in a secret, secret/path/to/secret/CKEY

func GetType

func GetType(pfc *pfkv.Client, vpath string) Filetype

GetType returns type of the requested resource types will be the defined FileType byte constants on top of this file

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