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const (
	// GET - For getting a resource.
	GET instructionMethod = "GET"
	// SEND - For sending a message.
	SEND instructionMethod = "SEND"
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const (
	// GUILDS - This signfies the instruction pertains to Guilds.
	GUILDS instructionResource = "GUILDS"
	// CHANNELS - This signfies the instruction pertains to Channels.
	CHANNELS instructionResource = "CHANNELS"


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var ErrInvalidRequest = errors.New("Invalid Request")

ErrInvalidRequest - This error will be returned from Parse if the request is malformed.


This section is empty.


type Instruction

type Instruction struct {
	Type instructionMethod

	Name instructionResource

	// ResourceID - If present, denotes a single resource.
	ResourceID string

	Arg string

Instruction - An unmarshalled instruction.

type InstructionParser

type InstructionParser interface {
	// Parse - Actual method which parses the request.
	Parse(r *http.Request) (*Instruction, error)
	// Pattern - Method which returns the format of the input.
	Pattern() string

InstructionParser - Which unmarshalls an instruction from a *http.Request.

func NewInstructionParser

func NewInstructionParser() InstructionParser

NewInstructionParser - Gets an instruction parser.

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