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Microservice. Polls a parity or go-ethereum JSON/RPC endpoint. On new block header it will extract certain specified data.

Quick Start

If you don't have a PSQL at hand, run one using docker, with the instructions in the below section "Run and Configure a PostgreSQL using docker"

make bentobox && ./build/bin/bentobox

Run and Configure a PostgreSQL DB using docker

Create this custom container (logs all queries)

make custom-psql-image

Then, just use the command, always from this repository root

make run-psql

Will mount the dir $HOME/.psql and have a DB for you.

You need to setup your database if it is the first time using it. Use the instructions below.

Setup the database

You can have your database already, or you can use docker as above. This script will set you up with your database.

Get in a console able to use psql and Run

psql -U postgres

TIP: If you are running PSQL with docker, to access bash inside the container do

docker exec -ti <psql-container> /bin/bash

Once inside you create your database with


Now you need to restore the schema. Do from the comamnd line

psql -U postgres bentobox < database.sql

You are good to go.

Command Line Options

Options Description Default
dbname Postgres DB name bentobox
dbuser Postgres DB user name postgres
dbpassword Postgres DB user password mysecretpassword
eth-host URL of the ethereum JSON RPC source of data
ipfs-host URL of the ipfs HTTP API
last-block-polling-interval value in seconds for the last block polling 1


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