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What is it

Traverses the state trie of a given block, printing information of interest: (needs a disconnected (i.e. "cold") geth levelDB source of data)

  • Number of state trie nodes

    • types: branch, extension or leaves
    • storage used on state trie nodes
  • Number of ethereum accounts vs smart contracts

  • Smart Contracts, Number of storage trie nodes

    • types: branch, extension or leaves
    • storage used on storage trie nodes

How it works

  • By taking "slices" of the trie
    • A slice is a subtrie, starting from a head arbitrary from the root
    • For example, the slice 0x1a04, is the head found in the path 1-a-0-4
    • Of course, the root slice is the one which its head is the very root
  • We cheat and after we compute each slice, we store them into the DB
    • So next time we ask for it, is a O(1)...
  • The stored content is
    • Stem of the slice
    • Hashes and Values of each element
    • Which hashes are at the bottom of the slice
      • (kind of the "leaves" of this slice)
    • Sum of bytes of the values of the elements
    • Stats of the fetch
      • Retrieval from DB time
      • How many RLP branches, extension, leaves
      • While we are processing the info, the program will output these stats

Once you have the slices processed, take it to the next level! Build a nice viz.


Input params per slice

Input params are the way we identify the slices

  • state-root
  • head
  • depth


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