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const (
	HttpPrefixLen = len("http://")
	HttpPort      = 80
	HttpsPort     = 443
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const (
	RedirectFile = Rdt(iota)

	FallbackToSource = Fbt(iota)
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const RootCertificateName = "root"
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const StoreDir = "easypki"


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var (
	HopByHops = []string{"Proxy-Connection", "Connection", "Proxy-Authenticate", "Keep-Alive"}
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var (
	HttpsPrefixLen = len("http://")
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var (
	SslVersionMap = map[byte]string{
		0: "SSL 3.0",
		1: "TlS 1.0",
		2: "TlS 1.1",
		3: "TlS 1.2",


func AddCustomMapping

func AddCustomMapping(expr, code, body, contentType string, headers map[string]string) (err error)

func AddFileMapping

func AddFileMapping(expr, target string, fbt Fbt) (err error)

func AddFolderMapping

func AddFolderMapping(expr, folder string, fbt Fbt)

func BuildFullUrl

func BuildFullUrl(protocol, host, path string) string

func DelCustomMapping

func DelCustomMapping(expr string)

func DelFileMapping

func DelFileMapping(expr string)

func DelFolderMapping

func DelFolderMapping(expr string)

func HandleHttp

func HandleHttp(acs *common.ACStream) (err error)

func HandleHttps

func HandleHttps(acs *common.ACStream) (err error)

func InitCertCache

func InitCertCache(cache string) (err error)

func InitHandler

func InitHandler(conf *common.Config)

func TrimHttpPrefix

func TrimHttpPrefix(url string) string


type Fbt

type Fbt int8

type FileInfo

type FileInfo struct {
	Key         string
	Name        string
	Size        int
	ContentType string

type Rdt

type Rdt int8

type RedirectItem

type RedirectItem struct {
	Type        Rdt
	Url         string
	Target      string
	Headers     map[string]string
	Body        string
	ContentType string
	Fallback    Fbt

func GetMappedPath

func GetMappedPath(path string) *RedirectItem

type RequestInfo

type RequestInfo struct {
	Version     string
	Protocol    string
	Method      string
	Host        string
	FullUrl     string
	Url         string
	Headers     map[string]string
	Query       map[string]string
	WebForm     map[string]string
	Files       []*FileInfo
	ContentType string
	Body        []byte

type ResponseInfo

type ResponseInfo struct {
	Status      int
	Version     string
	Message     string
	BodySize    int
	ContextType string
	Headers     map[string]string

type SessionInfo

type SessionInfo struct {
	Sid          string
	BeginTime    time.Time
	EndTime      time.Time
	RemoteAddr   string
	RemotePort   int
	RequestInfo  *RequestInfo
	ResponseInfo *ResponseInfo
	Done         bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSessionInfo

func NewSessionInfo(conf *common.Config) *SessionInfo

func (*SessionInfo) SessionDone

func (s *SessionInfo) SessionDone()

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