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const (
	// FetchTVBYNameEndpoint is a search endpoint constant.
	FetchTVBYNameEndpoint = "FetchBYNameEndpoint"
	// FetchTVBYIDEndpoint is a search endpoint constant.
	FetchTVBYIDEndpoint = "FetchBYIDEndpoint"
	// FetchEpisodeEndpoint is a search endpoint constant.
	FetchEpisodeEndpoint = "FetchEpisodeEndpoint"


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type Endpoints

type Endpoints map[string]endpoint.Endpoint

Endpoints is container for endpoints.

func NewSearchEndpoints

func NewSearchEndpoints(config sdk.HTTPClientConfig) (Endpoints, error)

NewSearchEndpoints is endpoint client for single direct calls.

type TMDBClient

type TMDBClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTMDBClient

func NewTMDBClient(config sdk.HTTPClientConfig) (TMDBClient, error)

NewTMDBClient returns new service implementation.

func (TMDBClient) FetchBYIDEndpoint

func (s TMDBClient) FetchBYIDEndpoint(ctx context.Context, id string) (*entities.FetchBYIDResponse, error)

FetchBYIDEndpoint search for season.

func (TMDBClient) FetchBYName

func (s TMDBClient) FetchBYName(ctx context.Context, query string, includeAdult bool) (*entities.FetchBYNameResponse, error)

FetchBYName search for a TV show by Name.

func (TMDBClient) FetchEpisodeEndpoint

func (s TMDBClient) FetchEpisodeEndpoint(ctx context.Context, sID, eID, tvID string) (*entities.FetchEpisodeBYIDResponse, error)

FetchEpisodeEndpoint search for a specific episode.

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