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func Format

func Format(buf *bytes.Buffer, ident int, ast interface{})

Format converts a syntax tree back to the input syntax.

func ToString

func ToString(ast interface{}) string

ToString converts a syntax tree back to the input syntax, using Format()


type EnumItem

type EnumItem struct {
	Name parser.ItemName
	Tag  parser.Tag

EnumItem represents an enumeration constant.

type EnumType

type EnumType struct {
	Items []EnumItem

EnumType represents an anonymous enumeration.

type NamedType

type NamedType struct {
	Name parser.TypeName
	// Type is nil for primitive types.
	Type Type

NamedType represents a type definition.

func (*NamedType) String

func (t *NamedType) String() string

type StructItem

type StructItem struct {
	Name    parser.ItemName
	IsSlice bool
	Type    *NamedType
	Tag     parser.Tag

StructItem represents a struct field.

type StructType

type StructType struct {
	Items []StructItem

StructType represents an anonymous struct.

type SumItem

type SumItem struct {
	Type *NamedType
	Tag  parser.Tag

SumItem represents a sum alternative.

type SumType

type SumType struct {
	Items []SumItem

SumType represents an anonymous sum.

type Type

type Type interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Type represents an anonymous type of any kind.

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