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Package cloudwatch scopes CloudWatch-specific utiltities for Sparta



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func RegisterLambdaUtilizationMetricPublisher

func RegisterLambdaUtilizationMetricPublisher(customDimensionMap map[string]string)

RegisterLambdaUtilizationMetricPublisher installs a periodic task to publish the current system metrics to CloudWatch Metrics.


type EmbeddedMetric added in v1.13.0

type EmbeddedMetric struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EmbeddedMetric represents an embedded metric that should be published

func NewEmbeddedMetric added in v1.13.0

func NewEmbeddedMetric() (*EmbeddedMetric, error)

NewEmbeddedMetric returns a new fully initialized embedded metric. Callers should populate the Fields

func NewEmbeddedMetricWithProperties added in v1.13.0

func NewEmbeddedMetricWithProperties(props map[string]interface{}) (*EmbeddedMetric, error)

NewEmbeddedMetricWithProperties returns an EmbeddedMetric with the user supplied properties

func (*EmbeddedMetric) MarshalJSON added in v1.13.0

func (em *EmbeddedMetric) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON is a custom marshaller to ensure that the marshalled headers are always lowercase

func (*EmbeddedMetric) NewMetricDirective added in v1.13.0

func (em *EmbeddedMetric) NewMetricDirective(namespace string,
	dimensions map[string]string) *MetricDirective

NewMetricDirective returns an initialized MetricDirective that's included in the EmbeddedMetric instance

func (*EmbeddedMetric) Publish added in v1.13.0

func (em *EmbeddedMetric) Publish(additionalProperties map[string]interface{})

Publish the metric to the logfile

func (*EmbeddedMetric) PublishToSink added in v1.13.0

func (em *EmbeddedMetric) PublishToSink(additionalProperties map[string]interface{},
	sink io.Writer)

PublishToSink writes the EmbeddedMetric info to the provided writer

func (*EmbeddedMetric) WithProperty added in v1.13.0

func (em *EmbeddedMetric) WithProperty(key string, value interface{}) *EmbeddedMetric

WithProperty is a fluent builder to add property to the EmbeddedMetric state. Properties should be used for high cardintality values that need to be searchable, but not treated as independent metrics

type MetricDirective added in v1.13.0

type MetricDirective struct {
	// Dimensions corresponds to the JSON schema field "Dimensions".
	Dimensions map[string]string

	// Metrics corresponds to the JSON schema field "Metrics".
	Metrics map[string]MetricValue
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MetricDirective is the directive that encapsulates a metric

type MetricUnit added in v1.13.0

type MetricUnit string

MetricUnit Represents a MetricUnit type

const (
	// UnitSeconds Seconds
	UnitSeconds MetricUnit = "Seconds"
	// UnitMicroseconds Microseconds
	UnitMicroseconds MetricUnit = "Microseconds"
	// UnitMilliseconds Milliseconds
	UnitMilliseconds MetricUnit = "Milliseconds"
	// UnitBytes Bytes
	UnitBytes MetricUnit = "Bytes"
	//UnitKilobytes Kilobytes
	UnitKilobytes MetricUnit = "Kilobytes"
	//UnitMegabytes Megabytes
	UnitMegabytes MetricUnit = "Megabytes"
	//UnitGigabytes Gigabytes
	UnitGigabytes MetricUnit = "Gigabytes"
	//UnitTerabytes Terabytes
	UnitTerabytes MetricUnit = "Terabytes"
	//UnitBits Bits
	UnitBits MetricUnit = "Bits"
	//UnitKilobits Kilobits
	UnitKilobits MetricUnit = "Kilobits"
	//UnitMegabits Megabits
	UnitMegabits MetricUnit = "Megabits"
	//UnitGigabits Gigabits
	UnitGigabits MetricUnit = "Gigabits"
	//UnitTerabits Terabits
	UnitTerabits MetricUnit = "Terabits"
	//UnitPercent Percent
	UnitPercent MetricUnit = "Percent"
	//UnitCount Count
	UnitCount MetricUnit = "Count"
	//UnitBytesPerSecond BytesPerSecond
	UnitBytesPerSecond MetricUnit = "Bytes/Second"
	//UnitKilobytesPerSecond KilobytesPerSecond
	UnitKilobytesPerSecond MetricUnit = "Kilobytes/Second"
	//UnitMegabytesPerSecond MegabytesPerSecond
	UnitMegabytesPerSecond MetricUnit = "Megabytes/Second"
	//UnitGigabytesPerSecond GigabytesPerSecond
	UnitGigabytesPerSecond MetricUnit = "Gigabytes/Second"
	//UnitTerabytesPerSecond TerabytesPerSecond
	UnitTerabytesPerSecond MetricUnit = "Terabytes/Second"
	//UnitBitsPerSecond BitsPerSecond
	UnitBitsPerSecond MetricUnit = "Bits/Second"
	//UnitKilobitsPerSecond KilobitsPerSecond
	UnitKilobitsPerSecond MetricUnit = "Kilobits/Second"
	//UnitMegabitsPerSecond MegabitsPerSecond
	UnitMegabitsPerSecond MetricUnit = "Megabits/Second"
	//UnitGigabitsPerSecond GigabitsPerSecond
	UnitGigabitsPerSecond MetricUnit = "Gigabits/Second"
	//UnitTerabitsPerSecond TerabitsPerSecond
	UnitTerabitsPerSecond MetricUnit = "Terabits/Second"
	//UnitCountPerSecond CountPerSecond
	UnitCountPerSecond MetricUnit = "Count/Second"
	// UnitNone No units
	UnitNone MetricUnit = "None"

type MetricValue added in v1.13.0

type MetricValue struct {
	Value interface{}
	Unit  MetricUnit

MetricValue represents a metric value


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