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Package events defines event types that are un/marshalled to and from other AWS services. It is a provisional namespace to fill gaps that exist as new event types are officially published by AWS via



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type APIGatewayContext

type APIGatewayContext struct {
	AppID        string             `json:"appId"`
	Method       string             `json:"method"`
	RequestID    string             `json:"requestId"`
	ResourceID   string             `json:"resourceId"`
	ResourcePath string             `json:"resourcePath"`
	Stage        string             `json:"stage"`
	Identity     APIGatewayIdentity `json:"identity"`

APIGatewayContext is the API-Gateway context information

type APIGatewayEnvelope

type APIGatewayEnvelope struct {
	Method      string                 `json:"method"`
	Headers     map[string]string      `json:"headers"`
	QueryParams map[string]string      `json:"queryParams"`
	PathParams  map[string]string      `json:"pathParams"`
	Context     APIGatewayContext      `json:"context"`
	Authorizer  map[string]interface{} `json:"authorizer"`

APIGatewayEnvelope is the type that maps to the VTL properties

type APIGatewayIdentity

type APIGatewayIdentity struct {
	AccountID                     string `json:"accountId"`
	APIKey                        string `json:"apiKey"`
	Caller                        string `json:"caller"`
	CognitoAuthenticationProvider string `json:"cognitoAuthenticationProvider"`
	CognitoAuthenticationType     string `json:"cognitoAuthenticationType"`
	CognitoIdentityID             string `json:"cognitoIdentityId"`
	CognitoIdentityPoolID         string `json:"cognitoIdentityPoolId"`
	SourceIP                      string `json:"sourceIp"`
	User                          string `json:"user"`
	UserAgent                     string `json:"userAgent"`
	UserArn                       string `json:"userArn"`

APIGatewayIdentity is the API Gateway identity information

type APIGatewayRequest

type APIGatewayRequest struct {
	Body interface{} `json:"body"`

APIGatewayRequest represents the API Gateway request that is submitted to a Lambda function. This format matches the inputmapping_default.VTL templates

func NewAPIGatewayMockRequest

func NewAPIGatewayMockRequest(lambdaName string,
	httpMethod string,
	whitelistParamValues map[string]string,
	eventData interface{}) (*APIGatewayRequest, error)

NewAPIGatewayMockRequest creates a mock API Gateway request. This request format mirrors the VTL templates in

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