Package interceptor defines Sparta interceptors that tap the event handling workflow.



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    const (
    	// XRayMetadataErrValue is the metadata kayname used to store
    	// the error value when processing an event
    	XRayMetadataErrValue = "error"
    	// XRayMetadataErrEvent is the event associated with a lambda
    	// function that errors out
    	XRayMetadataErrEvent = "event"
    	// XRayMetadataRequestID is the AWS request ID that came along with the request
    	XRayMetadataRequestID = "reqID"
    	// XRayMetadataLogs is the key associated with the logfile entries. All log
    	// entries regardless of level will be included in the errLog value
    	XRayMetadataLogs = "log"

      XRay metadata

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      const (
      	// XRayAttrBuildID is the XRay attribute associated with this
      	// service instance. See the official AWS docs at
      	// for more information on XRay attributes
      	XRayAttrBuildID = "buildID"

        XRay attributes


        This section is empty.


        func RegisterXRayInterceptor

        func RegisterXRayInterceptor(handler *sparta.LambdaEventInterceptors,
        	mode XRayInterceptorMode) *sparta.LambdaEventInterceptors

          RegisterXRayInterceptor handles pushing the tracing information into XRay


          type XRayInterceptorMode

          type XRayInterceptorMode uint32

            XRayInterceptorMode represents the mode to use for the XRay interceptor

            const (
            	// XRayModeErrCaptureErrorValue = is the flag indicating to capture the error
            	// value iff it's non-empty
            	XRayModeErrCaptureErrorValue XRayInterceptorMode = 1 << iota
            	// XRayModeErrCaptureEvent is the flag indicating to capture the input event iff
            	// there was an error
            	// XRayModeErrCaptureLogs is the flag indicating to capture all logs iff there
            	// was an error
            	// XRayModeErrCaptureRequestID is the flag indicating to capture the request ID iff there
            	// was an error
            	// XRayAll is all options
            	XRayAll = XRayModeErrCaptureErrorValue |
            		XRayModeErrCaptureEvent |
            		XRayModeErrCaptureLogs |