Package system provide system level operations



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func BuildGoBinary

func BuildGoBinary(serviceName string,
	executableOutput string,
	useCGO bool,
	buildID string,
	userSuppliedBuildTags string,
	linkFlags string,
	noop bool,
	logger *logrus.Logger) error

BuildGoBinary is a helper to build a go binary with the given options

func GoPath

func GoPath() string

GoPath returns either $GOPATH or the new $HOME/go path introduced with Go 1.8

func GoVersion

func GoVersion(logger *logrus.Logger) (string, error)

GoVersion returns the configured go version for this system

func RunAndCaptureOSCommand

func RunAndCaptureOSCommand(cmd *exec.Cmd,
	stdoutWriter io.Writer,
	stderrWriter io.Writer,
	logger *logrus.Logger) error

RunAndCaptureOSCommand runs the given command and captures the stdout and stderr

func RunOSCommand

func RunOSCommand(cmd *exec.Cmd, logger *logrus.Logger) error

RunOSCommand properly executes a system command and writes the output to the provided logger

func TemporaryFile

func TemporaryFile(scratchDir string, name string) (*os.File, error)

TemporaryFile creates a stable temporary filename in the current working directory


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