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type CloudFormationSchema

type CloudFormationSchema struct {
	PropertyTypes                map[string]PropertyTypes
	ResourceTypes                map[string]ResourceTypes
	ResourceSpecificationVersion string

CloudFormationSchema represents the root of the schema

type PropertyItemType

type PropertyItemType struct {
	Scalar      string
	MultiValues []string

PropertyItemType represents the type of a property

func (*PropertyItemType) MarshalJSON

func (piType *PropertyItemType) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON to handle whichever field is set

func (*PropertyItemType) UnmarshalJSON

func (piType *PropertyItemType) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON does the custom unmarshalling

type PropertyTypeDefinition

type PropertyTypeDefinition struct {
	Required          bool
	Documentation     string
	PrimitiveType     string
	UpdateType        string
	Type              PropertyItemType
	DuplicatesAllowed bool
	ItemType          string
	PrimitiveItemType string

PropertyTypeDefinition is the definition of a property

type PropertyTypes

type PropertyTypes struct {
	Documentation string
	Properties    map[string]PropertyTypeDefinition

PropertyTypes is a definition of a property

type ResourceAttribute

type ResourceAttribute struct {
	PrimitiveType string

ResourceAttribute are outputs of CloudFormation reosurce

type ResourceTypes

type ResourceTypes struct {
	Documentation string
	Attributes    map[string]ResourceAttribute
	Properties    map[string]PropertyTypeDefinition

ResourceTypes is a definition of a resource

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