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var Providers map[string]Provider

Providers tracks loaded providers.


func AddProvider

func AddProvider(name string, provider Provider)

AddProvider should be called within your provider's init() func. This will register the provider so it can be used.

func DisplayProviders

func DisplayProviders() string

DisplayProviders displays all the loaded providers.

func ExpandProvider added in v0.1.8

func ExpandProvider(provider string) (string, error)

ExpandProvider expands the passed in provider to the full value.

func ProviderNames added in v0.1.8

func ProviderNames() []string

ProviderNames returns a sorted slice of provider names.

func Search(binary string, p string, q string, verbose bool) error

Search builds a search URL and opens it in your browser.


type Provider

type Provider interface {
	BuildURI(string) string

Provider interface provides a way to build the URI for each provider.

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