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ClamAV Private Mirror

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How To Use

  • cf push


  • glide install && go build -v . && PRIMARY_MIRROR="" ./clamav

What It Does

  1. Starts an asynchronous download of the current antivirus definitions.
    1. Downloads three databases:
      1. main
      2. bytecode
      3. daily
    2. Parses each database's header for similar versions.
    3. If there is a similar/related version, it also gets downloaded.
    4. Downloaded files are stored in-memory in a cache for client downloads.
  2. Initialises a cron job to download the new database definitions every hour.
  3. Starts the web server and serves from cache.
  4. Evicts files from cache every 3 hours to prevent stale definitions.


In order to function properly as a localised cache, you need to set the PRIMARY_MIRROR environment variable. Below is a short list of known mirrors.

If for some reason the primary mirror fails, if you set SECONDARY_MIRROR, it will try that one.


  • Keep It Simple.
  • The standard testing library is awesome. Let's keep using it.

To unzip the CVD files: cd filedefs/ && tail -c $(expr $(wc -c $FILE.cvd | awk '{print $1}') - 512) $FILE.cvd | tar zxvf -



Raw file header example:

ClamAV-VDB:07 Mar 2017 08-02 -0500:23182:1741572:63:c1537143239006af01e814a4dcd58a48:QC2ZncCPK0AzfYPW8OKvde9GFOO1HyH5qbozl9JZbmlOmZnSV55zWaP9yH9tXiS+JmZWA1277X6pBeTHPCcaqUDakke4W58duZ5mavDGJoWekl3q/5RgVeAg39cM1X4zNf6gER8G+HIWDUka0sRQWal1KXAb1UWkFoKsbHVqgVi:neo:1488891746

Field Definitions: ClamAV-VDB: Header, defines file type. 07 Mar 2017 08-02 -0500: Creation time. 23182: Version Number 1741572: Number of signatures. 63: Functionality level. c1...58a48: MD5 checksum. QC...VqgVi: Digital Signature. Type Unknown. neo: Builder Name. Creation time in Epoch Seconds: old file format.

Actual definition: struct cl_cvd { char *time; 2 unsigned int version; 3 unsigned int sigs; 4 unsigned int fl; 5 // padding char *md5; 6 char *dsig; 7 char *builder; 8 unsigned int stime; 9 };

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