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type ContainerInterface

type ContainerInterface struct {
	Name       string
	MACAddress string
	Subnets    []ContainerInterfaceSubnet

ContainerInterface represents a MAAS connected network interface on the container

type ContainerInterfaceSubnet

type ContainerInterfaceSubnet struct {
	Name    string
	Address string

ContainerInterfaceSubnet represents an interface's subscription to a MAAS subnet

type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller represents a MAAS server's machine functions

func NewController

func NewController(url string, key string, machine string) (*Controller, error)

NewController returns a new Controller using the specific MAAS server and machine

func (*Controller) CreateContainer

func (c *Controller) CreateContainer(inst Instance, interfaces []ContainerInterface) error

CreateContainer defines a new MAAS device for the controller

func (*Controller) DefinedContainer

func (c *Controller) DefinedContainer(inst Instance) (bool, error)

DefinedContainer returns true if the container is defined in MAAS

func (*Controller) DeleteContainer

func (c *Controller) DeleteContainer(inst Instance) error

DeleteContainer removes the MAAS device for the container

func (*Controller) RenameContainer

func (c *Controller) RenameContainer(inst Instance, newName string) error

RenameContainer renames the MAAS device for the container without releasing any allocation

func (*Controller) UpdateContainer

func (c *Controller) UpdateContainer(inst Instance, interfaces []ContainerInterface) error

UpdateContainer updates the MAAS device's interfaces with the new provided state

type Instance

type Instance interface {
	Name() string
	Project() string

Instance is a MAAS specific instance interface. This is used rather than instance.Instance to avoid import loops.

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