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const (
	EXT_JPG = ".jpg"


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func Generate

func Generate() (err error)


type Avatar

type Avatar struct {
	Path      string
	ThumbPath string
	ThumbFile *os.File
	X         int
	Y         int
	Width     int
	Height    int

func (*Avatar) Thumb

func (a *Avatar) Thumb() (err error)

type Content

type Content struct {
	Title   string
	Author  string
	Company string
	BgPath  string
	DstPath string
	DstFile *os.File

type DrawText

type DrawText struct {
	JPG draw.Image

	Title string
	X0    int
	Y0    int
	Size0 float64

	Author string
	X1     int
	Y1     int
	Size1  float64

	Company string
	X2      int
	Y2      int
	Size2   float64

type Poster

type Poster struct {
	Avatar *Avatar
	Qr *Qr

func NewPoster

func NewPoster(content Content, rect *Rect, avatar Avatar, qr Qr) *Poster

func (*Poster) DrawPoster

func (p *Poster) DrawPoster(d *DrawText, fontName string) error

func (*Poster) Generate

func (p *Poster) Generate() (err error)

type Qr

type Qr struct {
	Path string
	X    int
	Y    int

type QrCode

type QrCode struct {
	URL    string
	Width  int
	Height int
	Ext    string
	Level  qr.ErrorCorrectionLevel
	Mode   qr.Encoding

func NewQrCode

func NewQrCode(url string, width, height int, level qr.ErrorCorrectionLevel, mode qr.Encoding) *QrCode

func (*QrCode) Encode

func (q *QrCode) Encode(folderPath string) (filePath string, err error)

Encode generate QR code

func (*QrCode) GetQrCodeExt

func (q *QrCode) GetQrCodeExt() string

type Rect

type Rect struct {
	X0 int
	Y0 int
	X1 int
	Y1 int

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