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func CreateResource

func CreateResource(name string) *pkgtest.Resource

CreateResource creates a testing.Resource with the given name in the system namespace.

func ExpectAllowed

func ExpectAllowed(t *testing.T, resp *admissionv1beta1.AdmissionResponse)

ExpectAllowed checks that a given admission response allows the initiating request through.

func ExpectFailsWith

func ExpectFailsWith(t *testing.T, resp *admissionv1beta1.AdmissionResponse, contains string)

ExpectFailsWith checks that a given admission response disallows the initiating request through and contains the provided string in its error message.

func ExpectPatches

func ExpectPatches(t *testing.T, a []byte, e []jsonpatch.JsonPatchOperation)

ExpectPatches checks that the provided serialized bytes consist of an expected collection of patches. This is used to verify the mutations made in a mutating admission webhook's response.

func MakeFactory

func MakeFactory(ctor Ctor) rtesting.Factory

MakeFactory creates a reconciler factory with fake clients and controller created by `ctor`.

func NewScheme

func NewScheme() *runtime.Scheme

NewScheme constructs a scheme from the set of client schemes supported by this package.

func ToUnstructured

func ToUnstructured(t *testing.T, sch *runtime.Scheme, objs []runtime.Object) (us []runtime.Object)

ToUnstructured takes a list of k8s resources and converts them to Unstructured objects. We must pass objects as Unstructured to the dynamic client fake, or it won't handle them properly.


type Ctor

Ctor functions create a k8s controller with given params.

type Listers

type Listers struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Listers is used to synthesize informer-style Listers from fixed lists of resources in tests.

func NewListers

func NewListers(objs []runtime.Object) Listers

NewListers constructs a Listers from a collection of objects.

func (*Listers) GetConfigMapLister

func (l *Listers) GetConfigMapLister() corev1listers.ConfigMapLister

GetConfigMapLister gets lister for K8s ConfigMap resource.

func (*Listers) GetDeploymentLister

func (l *Listers) GetDeploymentLister() appsv1listers.DeploymentLister

GetDeploymentLister gets lister for K8s Deployment resource.

func (*Listers) GetDuckObjects

func (l *Listers) GetDuckObjects() []runtime.Object

GetDuckObjects filters the Listers initial list of objects to types defined in knative/pkg

func (*Listers) GetEndpointsLister

func (l *Listers) GetEndpointsLister() corev1listers.EndpointsLister

GetEndpointsLister gets lister for K8s Endpoints resource.

func (*Listers) GetHorizontalPodAutoscalerLister

func (l *Listers) GetHorizontalPodAutoscalerLister() autoscalingv2beta1listers.HorizontalPodAutoscalerLister

GetHorizontalPodAutoscalerLister gets lister for HorizontalPodAutoscaler resources.

func (*Listers) GetK8sServiceLister

func (l *Listers) GetK8sServiceLister() corev1listers.ServiceLister

GetK8sServiceLister gets lister for K8s Service resource.

func (*Listers) GetKubeObjects

func (l *Listers) GetKubeObjects() []runtime.Object

GetKubeObjects filters the Listers initial list of objects to built-in types

func (*Listers) GetMutatingWebhookConfigurationLister

func (l *Listers) GetMutatingWebhookConfigurationLister() admissionlisters.MutatingWebhookConfigurationLister

GetMutatingWebhookConfigurationLister gets lister for K8s MutatingWebhookConfiguration resource.

func (*Listers) GetNamespaceLister

func (l *Listers) GetNamespaceLister() corev1listers.NamespaceLister

GetNamespaceLister gets lister for Namespace resource.

func (*Listers) GetSecretLister

func (l *Listers) GetSecretLister() corev1listers.SecretLister

GetSecretLister gets lister for K8s Secret resource.

func (*Listers) GetTestObjects

func (l *Listers) GetTestObjects() []runtime.Object

GetTestObjects filters the Lister's initial list of objects to types defined in knative/pkg/testing

func (*Listers) GetValidatingWebhookConfigurationLister

func (l *Listers) GetValidatingWebhookConfigurationLister() admissionlisters.ValidatingWebhookConfigurationLister

GetValidatingWebhookConfigurationLister gets lister for K8s ValidatingWebhookConfiguration resource.

func (*Listers) IndexerFor

func (l *Listers) IndexerFor(obj runtime.Object) cache.Indexer

IndexerFor returns the indexer for the given object.

func (*Listers) NewScheme

func (*Listers) NewScheme() *runtime.Scheme

NewScheme constructs a scheme from the set of client schemes supported by this lister.