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Published: Nov 4, 2018 License: MIT



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Simple-xds for data-plane in ServiceMesh.
This works as control-plane with the minimum function.

In the beginning

This README is written on the premise that you understand data-plane-api to a certain extent.


In realizing Service Mesh, istio is really a wonderful choice.
But istio is big and complicated!
If you want a control-plane with minimal functionality, sxds will be sufficiently effective.
This xds supports any service proxy that conforms to data-plane-api.
Currently only envoy is compliant, but envoy author Matt Klein says in the blog that data-plane-api should be generic.


Please see Github Releases.



Two servers, xds and cacher will listen.

$ /path/to/sxds
Required settings
Set resources

sxds caches resources and returns DiscoverResponse for data-plane.
so you need to put the json file to the cacher server.

Please create json file with reference to sample and put json to the path resources/{node_type}.
Put each node type.

$ curl -XPUT http://{IP_ADDRESS}:8082/resources/sidecar -d @sidecar.json

The json format has the same format as DiscoveryResponse in data-plane-api.
For DiscoveryResponse, see proto file of data-plane-api.
Also do not forget to update the version when updating.

Data-Plane settings

In order to suppress memory consumption, sxds cache resources for each node type.
And sxds gets node type from node id, so you need to follow the naming convention.
Please add node_type to prefix like "sidecar-app1" for naming node id of data-plane.

e.g.) envoy


Please set dynamic_resources and static_resources like sample.

[specification of node id]

Add node_type to the prefix of the name given to the --service-node option.

$ envoy --service-node sidecar-1
Optional settings
SXDS_PRODUCTION=false # default: false
SXDS_ADS_MODE=false   # default: false
SXDS_XDS_PORT=8081    # default: 8081
SXDS_CACHER_PORT=8082 # default: 8082

For ADS mode, please click here




gRPC server that return response to data-plane.


REST server that caches resources.


term meaning
node type The role of node which put each data-plane(e.g. sidecar, router)
resources Data to use for DiscoveryResponse(e.g. listeners, clusters)


  • Make sxdsctl that is cli tool for put resources
  • Make detailed documentation on resource json
  • Automatic generation of resources json
  • More test...


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