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func Convert_runtime_Object_To_runtime_RawExtension

func Convert_runtime_Object_To_runtime_RawExtension(c runtime.ObjectConvertor, in *runtime.Object, out *runtime.RawExtension, s conversion.Scope) error

Convert_runtime_Object_To_runtime_RawExtension attempts to convert runtime.Objects to the appropriate target, returning an error if there is insufficient information on the conversion scope to determine the target version.

func Convert_runtime_RawExtension_To_runtime_Object

func Convert_runtime_RawExtension_To_runtime_Object(c runtime.ObjectConvertor, in *runtime.RawExtension, out *runtime.Object, s conversion.Scope) error

Convert_runtime_RawExtension_To_runtime_Object attempts to convert an incoming object into the appropriate output type.

func DecodeNestedRawExtensionOrUnknown

func DecodeNestedRawExtensionOrUnknown(d runtime.Decoder, ext *runtime.RawExtension)


func EncodeNestedRawExtension

func EncodeNestedRawExtension(e runtime.Encoder, ext *runtime.RawExtension) error

EncodeNestedRawExtension will encode the object in the RawExtension (if not nil) or return an error.

func GetName

func GetName(base, suffix string, maxLength int) string

GetName returns a name given a base ("deployment-5") and a suffix ("deploy") It will first attempt to join them with a dash. If the resulting name is longer than maxLength: if the suffix is too long, it will truncate the base name and add an 8-character hash of the [base]-[suffix] string. If the suffix is not too long, it will truncate the base, add the hash of the base and return [base]-[hash]-[suffix]

func GetPodName

func GetPodName(base, suffix string) string

GetPodName calls GetName with the length restriction for pods

func LegacyMetaV1FieldSelectorConversionWithName

func LegacyMetaV1FieldSelectorConversionWithName(label, value string) (string, string, error)

LegacyMetaV1FieldSelectorConversionWithName auto-accepts metav1 values for name and namespace AND "name" which many of our older resources used.


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