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package cmd

v0.0.0 (69e9607)
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Published: Jun 22, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


func BuildCommand

func BuildCommand() *cobra.Command

BuildCommand helps you to build image from ELF

func GetRootCommand

func GetRootCommand() *cobra.Command

GetRootCommand provides set all commands for Ops

func ImageCommands

func ImageCommands() *cobra.Command

ImageCommands provides image related command on GCP

func InstanceCommands

func InstanceCommands() *cobra.Command

InstanceCommands provided instance related commands

func LoadCommand

func LoadCommand() *cobra.Command

LoadCommand helps you to run application with package

func ManifestCommand

func ManifestCommand() *cobra.Command

ManifestCommand dumps manifest for binary file

func NetCommands

func NetCommands() *cobra.Command

NetCommands provides net related commands

func PackageCommands

func PackageCommands() *cobra.Command

PackageCommands gives package related commands

func ProfileCommand

func ProfileCommand() *cobra.Command

ProfileCommand provides a profile command

func RunCommand

func RunCommand() *cobra.Command

RunCommand provides support for running binary with nanos

func UpdateCommand

func UpdateCommand() *cobra.Command

UpdateCommand provides update related commands

func VersionCommand

func VersionCommand() *cobra.Command

VersionCommand provides version command

type Profile

type Profile struct {
	OpsVersion   string
	NanosVersion string
	QemuVersion  string
	Arch         string
	Hypervisor   bool

Profile holds a particular host's configuration that is used to troubleshoot different environments. This is separate and different from a runtime cache.

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