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This parser understands simple CSS and comes with a basic CSS syntax checker.

go get github.com/napsy/go-css

Example usage:

import "github.com/napsy/go-css"

ex1 := `rule {
	style1: value1;
	style2: value2;

stylesheet, err := css.Unmarshal([]byte(ex1))
if err != nil {

fmt.Printf("Defined rules:\n")

for k, _ := range stylesheet {
	fmt.Printf("- rule %q\n", k)

You can get a CSS verifiable property by calling CSSStyle:

style, err := css.CSSStyle("background-color", styleSheet["body"])
if err != nil {
	fmt.Printf("Error checking body background color: %v\n", err)
} else {
	fmt.Printf("Body background color is %v", style)

Most of the CSS properties are currently not implemented, but you can always write your own handler by writing a StyleHandler function and adding it to the StylesTable map.




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var StylesTable = map[string]StyleHandler{
	"background":                    background,
	"background-attachment":         backgroundAttachment,
	"background-color":              backgroundColor,
	"background-image":              backgroundImage,
	"background-position":           backgroundPosition,
	"background-repeat":             backgroundRepeat,
	"border":                        border,
	"border-bottom":                 borderBottom,
	"border-bottom-color":           borderBottomColor,
	"border-bottom-style":           borderBottomStyle,
	"border-bottom-width":           borderBottomWidth,
	"border-color":                  borderColor,
	"border-left":                   borderLeft,
	"border-left-color":             borderLeftColor,
	"border-left-style":             borderLeftStyle,
	"border-left-width":             borderLeftWidth,
	"border-right":                  borderRight,
	"border-right-color":            borderRightColor,
	"border-right-style":            borderRightStyle,
	"border-right-width":            borderRightWidth,
	"border-style":                  borderStyle,
	"border-top":                    borderTop,
	"border-top-color":              borderTopColor,
	"border-top-style":              borderTopStyle,
	"border-top-width":              borderTopWidth,
	"border-width":                  borderWidth,
	"clear":                         clear,
	"clip":                          clip,
	"color":                         color,
	"cursor":                        cursor,
	"display":                       display,
	"filter":                        filter,
	"font":                          font,
	"font-family":                   fontFamily,
	"font-size":                     fontSize,
	"font-variant":                  fontVariant,
	"font-weight":                   fontWeight,
	"height":                        height,
	"left":                          left,
	"letter-spacing":                letterSpacing,
	"line-height":                   lineHeight,
	"list-style":                    listStyle,
	"list-style-image":              listStyleImage,
	"list-style-position":           listStylePosition,
	"list-style-type":               listStyleType,
	"margin":                        margin,
	"margin-bottom":                 marginBottom,
	"margin-left":                   marginLeft,
	"margin-right":                  marginRight,
	"margin-top":                    marginTop,
	"overflow":                      overflow,
	"padding":                       padding,
	"padding-bottom":                paddingBottom,
	"padding-left":                  paddingLeft,
	"padding-right":                 paddingRight,
	"padding-top":                   paddingTop,
	"page-break-after":              pageBreakAfter,
	"page-break-before":             pageBreakBefore,
	"position":                      position,
	"float":                         float,
	"text-align":                    textAlign,
	"text-decoration":               textDecoration,
	"text-decoration: blink":        textDecorationBlink,
	"text-decoration: line-through": textDecorationLineThrough,
	"text-decoration: none":         textDecorationNone,
	"text-decoration: overline":     textDecorationOverline,
	"text-decoration: underline":    textDecorationUnderline,
	"text-indent":                   textIndent,
	"text-transform":                textTransform,
	"top":                           top,
	"vertical-align":                verticalAlign,
	"visibility":                    visibility,
	"width":                         width,
	"z-index":                       zIndex,

Common CSS styles. You can overwrite the handlers with your own.


func Unmarshal

func Unmarshal(b []byte) (map[Rule]map[string]string, error)

Unmarshal will take a byte slice, containing sylesheet rules and return a map of a rules map.


type Rule

type Rule string

Rule is a string type that represents a CSS rule.

func (Rule) Type

func (rule Rule) Type() string

Type returns the rule type, which can be a class, id or a tag.

type Style

type Style struct {
	Value interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func CSSStyle

func CSSStyle(name string, styles map[string]string) (Style, error)

CSSStyle returns an error-checked parsed style, or an error if the style is unknown. Most of the styles are not supported yet.

func (Style) String

func (style Style) String() string

func (Style) Unit

func (style Style) Unit() UnitType

type StyleHandler

type StyleHandler func(value string) (Style, error)

StyleHandler is a function that checks the style value for errors and returns a Style

type UnitType

type UnitType int
const (
	UnitNone UnitType = iota

type UnitValue

type UnitValue float64

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