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var DefaultHandlers = &Handlers{}


func CopyFile

func CopyFile(dst av.Muxer, src av.Demuxer) (err error)

func CopyPackets

func CopyPackets(dst av.PacketWriter, src av.PacketReader) (err error)

func Create

func Create(url string) (muxer av.MuxCloser, err error)

func Open

func Open(url string) (demuxer av.DemuxCloser, err error)


type HandlerDemuxer

type HandlerDemuxer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*HandlerDemuxer) Close

func (self *HandlerDemuxer) Close() error

type HandlerMuxer

type HandlerMuxer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*HandlerMuxer) Close

func (self *HandlerMuxer) Close() (err error)

func (*HandlerMuxer) WriteHeader

func (self *HandlerMuxer) WriteHeader(streams []av.CodecData) (err error)

func (*HandlerMuxer) WriteTrailer

func (self *HandlerMuxer) WriteTrailer() (err error)

type Handlers

type Handlers struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Handlers) Add

func (self *Handlers) Add(fn func(*RegisterHandler))

func (*Handlers) Create

func (self *Handlers) Create(uri string) (muxer av.MuxCloser, err error)

func (*Handlers) FindCreate

func (self *Handlers) FindCreate(uri string) (handler RegisterHandler, muxer av.MuxCloser, err error)

func (*Handlers) NewAudioDecoder

func (self *Handlers) NewAudioDecoder(codec av.AudioCodecData) (dec av.AudioDecoder, err error)

func (*Handlers) NewAudioEncoder

func (self *Handlers) NewAudioEncoder(typ av.CodecType) (enc av.AudioEncoder, err error)

func (*Handlers) Open

func (self *Handlers) Open(uri string) (demuxer av.DemuxCloser, err error)

type RegisterHandler

type RegisterHandler struct {
	Ext           string
	ReaderDemuxer func(io.Reader) av.Demuxer
	WriterMuxer   func(io.Writer) av.Muxer
	UrlMuxer      func(string) (bool, av.MuxCloser, error)
	UrlDemuxer    func(string) (bool, av.DemuxCloser, error)
	UrlReader     func(string) (bool, io.ReadCloser, error)
	Probe         func([]byte) bool
	AudioEncoder  func(av.CodecType) (av.AudioEncoder, error)
	AudioDecoder  func(av.AudioCodecData) (av.AudioDecoder, error)
	ServerDemuxer func(string) (bool, av.DemuxCloser, error)
	ServerMuxer   func(string) (bool, av.MuxCloser, error)
	CodecTypes    []av.CodecType

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