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Published: May 9, 2024 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 3 Imported by: 0




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var NstoreCtxKey = &ContextKey{"nstore"}
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var TokenCtxKey = &ContextKey{"token"}


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type APIService

type APIService interface {
	StartService() error
	Results() string
	StopService(interface{}) error

APIService Nervatura API interface

type CLIService

type CLIService struct {
	Config        map[string]interface{}
	GetNervaStore func(database string) *nt.NervaStore

CLIService implements the Nervatura API service

func (*CLIService) DatabaseCreate

func (srv *CLIService) DatabaseCreate(apiKey string, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) Delete

func (srv *CLIService) Delete(api *nt.API, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) Function

func (srv *CLIService) Function(api *nt.API, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) Get

func (srv *CLIService) Get(api *nt.API, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) Report

func (srv *CLIService) Report(api *nt.API, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) ReportDelete

func (srv *CLIService) ReportDelete(api *nt.API, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) ReportInstall

func (srv *CLIService) ReportInstall(api *nt.API, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) ReportList

func (srv *CLIService) ReportList(api *nt.API, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) TokenDecode

func (srv *CLIService) TokenDecode(token string) string

func (*CLIService) TokenLogin

func (srv *CLIService) TokenLogin(token string, tokenKeys map[string]map[string]string) (*nt.API, string)

func (*CLIService) TokenRefresh

func (srv *CLIService) TokenRefresh(api *nt.API) string

func (*CLIService) Update

func (srv *CLIService) Update(api *nt.API, nervatype string, data []nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) UserLogin

func (srv *CLIService) UserLogin(options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) UserPassword

func (srv *CLIService) UserPassword(api *nt.API, options nt.IM) string

func (*CLIService) View

func (srv *CLIService) View(api *nt.API, data []nt.IM) string

type ContextKey

type ContextKey struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ContextKey) String

func (k *ContextKey) String() string

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