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const (
	// Version API Version
	Version string = "2013-08-01"
	// Service is service name
	Service string = "AWSECommerceService"


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type AvailabilityAttributes

type AvailabilityAttributes struct {
	AvailabilityType string
	MinimumHours     int
	MaximumHours     int

AvailabilityAttributes represents AvailabilityAttributes

type BrowseNode

type BrowseNode struct {
	ID         string `xml:"BrowseNodeId"`
	Name       string
	Ancestors  BrowseNodes
	Children   BrowseNodes
	TopSellers TopSellers
	TopItemSet []TopItemSet

BrowseNode represents BrowseNode

type BrowseNodeLookupParameters

type BrowseNodeLookupParameters struct {
	ResponseGroups []BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup
	BrowseNodeID   string

BrowseNodeLookupParameters represents parameters for BrowseNodeLookup operation request

type BrowseNodeLookupRequest

type BrowseNodeLookupRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters BrowseNodeLookupParameters

BrowseNodeLookupRequest represents request for BrowseNodeLookup operation

func (*BrowseNodeLookupRequest) Do

Do sends request for the API

func (*BrowseNodeLookupRequest) Query

func (req *BrowseNodeLookupRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type BrowseNodeLookupResponse

type BrowseNodeLookupResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name    `xml:"BrowseNodeLookupResponse"`
	Results BrowseNodes `xml:"BrowseNodes"`

BrowseNodeLookupResponse represents response for BrowseNodeLookup operation

func (*BrowseNodeLookupResponse) BrowseNodes

func (res *BrowseNodeLookupResponse) BrowseNodes() []BrowseNode

BrowseNodes returns found BrowseNodes

func (*BrowseNodeLookupResponse) Error

func (res *BrowseNodeLookupResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup

type BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup string

BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupBrowseNodeInfo is a constant for BrowseNodeInfo response group
	BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupBrowseNodeInfo BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup = "BrowseNodeInfo"
	// BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupNewReleases is a constant for NewReleases response group
	BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupNewReleases BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup = "NewReleases"
	// BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupMostGifted is a constant for MostGifted response group
	BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupMostGifted BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup = "MostGifted"
	// BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupTopSellers is a constant for TopSellers response group
	BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupTopSellers BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup = "TopSellers"
	// BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupMostWishedFor is a constant for MostWishedFor response group
	BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroupMostWishedFor BrowseNodeLookupResponseGroup = "MostWishedFor"

type BrowseNodes

type BrowseNodes struct {
	BrowseNode []BrowseNode
	Request    Request

BrowseNodes represents BrowseNodes

type Cart

type Cart struct {
	XMLName               xml.Name `xml:"Cart"`
	Request               Request
	ID                    string `xml:"CartId"`
	HMAC                  string
	URLEncodedHMAC        string
	PurchaseURL           string
	MobileCartURL         string
	SubTotal              Price
	CartItems             CartItems
	SavedForLaterItems    SavedForLaterItems
	SimilarProducts       SimilarProducts
	NewReleases           NewReleases
	SimilarViewedProducts SimilarViewedProducts

Cart represents Cart

type CartAddParameters

type CartAddParameters struct {
	ResponseGroups []CartAddResponseGroup
	CartID         string
	HMAC           string
	Items          CartRequestItems

CartAddParameters represents parameters for CartAdd operation request

type CartAddRequest

type CartAddRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters CartAddParameters

CartAddRequest represents request for CartAdd operation

func (*CartAddRequest) Do

func (req *CartAddRequest) Do() (*CartAddResponse, error)

Do sends request for the API

func (*CartAddRequest) Query

func (req *CartAddRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type CartAddResponse

type CartAddResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"CartAddResponse"`
	Cart    Cart

CartAddResponse represents response for CartAdd operation

func (*CartAddResponse) Error

func (res *CartAddResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type CartAddResponseGroup

type CartAddResponseGroup string

CartAddResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// CartAddResponseGroupCart is a constant for Cart response group
	CartAddResponseGroupCart CartAddResponseGroup = "Cart"
	// CartAddResponseGroupCartSimilarities is a constant for CartSimilarities response group
	CartAddResponseGroupCartSimilarities CartAddResponseGroup = "CartSimilarities"
	// CartAddResponseGroupCartNewReleases is a constant for CartNewReleases response group
	CartAddResponseGroupCartNewReleases CartAddResponseGroup = "CartNewReleases"
	// CartAddResponseGroupCartTopSellers is a constant for CartTopSellers response group
	CartAddResponseGroupCartTopSellers CartAddResponseGroup = "CartTopSellers"

type CartClearParameters

type CartClearParameters struct {
	ResponseGroups []CartClearResponseGroup
	CartID         string
	HMAC           string

CartClearParameters represents parameters for CartClear operation request

type CartClearRequest

type CartClearRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters CartClearParameters

CartClearRequest represents request for CartClear operation

func (*CartClearRequest) Do

Do sends request for the API

func (*CartClearRequest) Query

func (req *CartClearRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type CartClearResponse

type CartClearResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"CartClearResponse"`
	Cart    Cart

CartClearResponse represents response for CartClear operation

func (*CartClearResponse) Error

func (res *CartClearResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type CartClearResponseGroup

type CartClearResponseGroup string

CartClearResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// CartClearResponseGroupCart is a constant for Cart response group
	CartClearResponseGroupCart CartClearResponseGroup = "Cart"

type CartCreateParameters

type CartCreateParameters struct {
	ResponseGroups []CartCreateResponseGroup
	ASIN           string
	Items          CartRequestItems

CartCreateParameters represents parameters for CartCreate operation request

type CartCreateRequest

type CartCreateRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters CartCreateParameters

CartCreateRequest represents request for CartCreate operation

func (*CartCreateRequest) Do

Do sends request for the API

func (*CartCreateRequest) Query

func (req *CartCreateRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type CartCreateResponse

type CartCreateResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"CartCreateResponse"`
	Cart    Cart

CartCreateResponse represents response for CartCreate operation

func (*CartCreateResponse) Error

func (res *CartCreateResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type CartCreateResponseGroup

type CartCreateResponseGroup string

CartCreateResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// CartCreateResponseGroupCart is a constant for Cart response group
	CartCreateResponseGroupCart CartCreateResponseGroup = "Cart"
	// CartCreateResponseGroupCartSimilarities is a constant for CartSimilarities response group
	CartCreateResponseGroupCartSimilarities CartCreateResponseGroup = "CartSimilarities"
	// CartCreateResponseGroupCartNewReleases is a constant for CartNewReleases response group
	CartCreateResponseGroupCartNewReleases CartCreateResponseGroup = "CartNewReleases"
	// CartCreateResponseGroupCartTopSellers is a constant for CartTopSellers response group
	CartCreateResponseGroupCartTopSellers CartCreateResponseGroup = "CartTopSellers"

type CartGetParameters

type CartGetParameters struct {
	ResponseGroups []CartGetResponseGroup
	CartID         string
	CartItemID     string
	HMAC           string

CartGetParameters represents parameters for CartGet operation request

type CartGetRequest

type CartGetRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters CartGetParameters

CartGetRequest represents request for CartGet operation

func (*CartGetRequest) Do

func (req *CartGetRequest) Do() (*CartGetResponse, error)

Do sends request for the API

func (*CartGetRequest) Query

func (req *CartGetRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type CartGetResponse

type CartGetResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"CartGetResponse"`
	Cart    Cart

CartGetResponse represents response for CartGet operation

func (*CartGetResponse) Error

func (res *CartGetResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type CartGetResponseGroup

type CartGetResponseGroup string

CartGetResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// CartGetResponseGroupCart is a constant for Cart response group
	CartGetResponseGroupCart CartGetResponseGroup = "Cart"
	// CartGetResponseGroupCartTopSellers is a constant for CartTopSellers response group
	CartGetResponseGroupCartTopSellers CartGetResponseGroup = "CartTopSellers"
	// CartGetResponseGroupCartSimilarities is a constant for CartSimilarities response group
	CartGetResponseGroupCartSimilarities CartGetResponseGroup = "CartSimilarities"
	// CartGetResponseGroupCartNewReleases is a constant for CartNewReleases response group
	CartGetResponseGroupCartNewReleases CartGetResponseGroup = "CartNewReleases"

type CartItem

type CartItem struct {
	ID             string `xml:"CartItemId"`
	ASIN           string
	SellerNickname string
	Quantity       int
	Title          string
	ProductGroup   string
	Price          Price
	ItemTotal      Price

CartItem represents CartItem

type CartItems

type CartItems struct {
	SubTotal Price
	CartItem []CartItem

CartItems represents CartItems

type CartModifyAction

type CartModifyAction string

CartModifyAction constant for cart modify operation action

const (
	// CartModifyActionNone "None"
	CartModifyActionNone CartModifyAction = ""
	// CartModifyActionMoveToCart "MoveToCart"
	CartModifyActionMoveToCart CartModifyAction = "MoveToCart"
	// CartModifyActionSaveForLater "SaveForLater"
	CartModifyActionSaveForLater CartModifyAction = "SaveForLater"

type CartModifyParameters

type CartModifyParameters struct {
	ResponseGroups []CartModifyResponseGroup
	CartID         string
	HMAC           string
	Items          CartModifyRequestItems

CartModifyParameters represents parameters for CartModify operation request

type CartModifyRequest

type CartModifyRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters CartModifyParameters

CartModifyRequest represents request for CartModify operation

func (*CartModifyRequest) Do

Do sends request for the API

func (*CartModifyRequest) Query

func (req *CartModifyRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type CartModifyRequestItem

type CartModifyRequestItem struct {
	Quantity   *int
	CartItemID string
	Action     CartModifyAction

CartModifyRequestItem represents items to send modify request

func (CartModifyRequestItem) Query

func (item CartModifyRequestItem) Query() map[string]string

Query returns map key and value

type CartModifyRequestItems

type CartModifyRequestItems struct {
	Items []CartModifyRequestItem

CartModifyRequestItems contains CartRequestItem

func (*CartModifyRequestItems) ModifyQuantity

func (cartItems *CartModifyRequestItems) ModifyQuantity(cartItemID string, quantity int)

ModifyQuantity modifies quantity for item

func (*CartModifyRequestItems) MoveToCart

func (cartItems *CartModifyRequestItems) MoveToCart(cartItemID string)

MoveToCart moves item to cart

func (*CartModifyRequestItems) Query

func (cartItems *CartModifyRequestItems) Query() []map[string]string

Query returns list of map

func (*CartModifyRequestItems) SaveForLater

func (cartItems *CartModifyRequestItems) SaveForLater(cartItemID string)

SaveForLater saves item to later

type CartModifyResponse

type CartModifyResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"CartModifyResponse"`
	Cart    Cart

CartModifyResponse represents response for CartModify operation

func (*CartModifyResponse) Error

func (res *CartModifyResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type CartModifyResponseGroup

type CartModifyResponseGroup string

CartModifyResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// CartModifyResponseGroupCart is a constant for Cart response group
	CartModifyResponseGroupCart CartModifyResponseGroup = "Cart"
	// CartModifyResponseGroupCartSimilarities is a constant for CartSimilarities response group
	CartModifyResponseGroupCartSimilarities CartModifyResponseGroup = "CartSimilarities"
	// CartModifyResponseGroupCartNewReleases is a constant for CartNewReleases response group
	CartModifyResponseGroupCartNewReleases CartModifyResponseGroup = "CartNewReleases"
	// CartModifyResponseGroupCartTopSellers is a constant for CartTopSellers response group
	CartModifyResponseGroupCartTopSellers CartModifyResponseGroup = "CartTopSellers"

type CartRequestItem

type CartRequestItem struct {
	ASIN           string
	Quantity       int
	OfferListingID string

CartRequestItem represents items to send create or add cart request

func (CartRequestItem) Query

func (item CartRequestItem) Query() map[string]string

Query returns map key and value

type CartRequestItems

type CartRequestItems struct {
	Items []CartRequestItem

CartRequestItems contains CartRequestItem

func (*CartRequestItems) AddASIN

func (cartItems *CartRequestItems) AddASIN(ASIN string, quantity int)

AddASIN adds item with ASIN and Quantity

func (*CartRequestItems) AddOfferListingID

func (cartItems *CartRequestItems) AddOfferListingID(offerListingID string, quantity int)

AddOfferListingID adds item with OfferListingID and Quantity

func (*CartRequestItems) Query

func (cartItems *CartRequestItems) Query() []map[string]string

Query returns list of map

type CatalogNumberList

type CatalogNumberList struct {
	Element []string `xml:"CatalogNumberListElement"`

CatalogNumberList represents CatalogNumberList

type Client

type Client struct {
	AccessKeyID     string
	SecretAccessKey string
	AssociateTag    string
	Secure          bool

Client AWAS Client

func New

func New(accessKeyID string, secretAccessKey string, associateTag string, region Region) (*Client, error)

New returns new client

func NewFromEnvionment

func NewFromEnvionment() (*Client, error)

NewFromEnvionment returns new client from environment variables

func (*Client) BrowseNodeLookup

func (client *Client) BrowseNodeLookup(parameters BrowseNodeLookupParameters) *BrowseNodeLookupRequest

BrowseNodeLookup returns new request for BrowseNodeLookup

func (*Client) CartAdd

func (client *Client) CartAdd(parameters CartAddParameters) *CartAddRequest

CartAdd returns new request for CartAdd

func (*Client) CartClear

func (client *Client) CartClear(parameters CartClearParameters) *CartClearRequest

CartClear returns new request for CartClear

func (*Client) CartCreate

func (client *Client) CartCreate(parameters CartCreateParameters) *CartCreateRequest

CartCreate returns new request for CartCreate

func (*Client) CartGet

func (client *Client) CartGet(parameters CartGetParameters) *CartGetRequest

CartGet returns new request for CartGet

func (*Client) CartModify

func (client *Client) CartModify(parameters CartModifyParameters) *CartModifyRequest

CartModify returns new request for CartModify

func (*Client) DoRequest

func (client *Client) DoRequest(op OperationRequest, responseObject interface{}) (*http.Response, error)

DoRequest sends HTTP request

func (*Client) Endpoint

func (client *Client) Endpoint() string

Endpoint returns API endpoint

func (*Client) ItemLookup

func (client *Client) ItemLookup(parameters ItemLookupParameters) *ItemLookupRequest

ItemLookup returns new request for ItemLookup

func (*Client) ItemSearch

func (client *Client) ItemSearch(parameters ItemSearchParameters) *ItemSearchRequest

ItemSearch returns new request for ItemSearch

func (*Client) SignedURL

func (client *Client) SignedURL(op OperationRequest) string

SignedURL returns signed URL with specified query

func (*Client) SimilarityLookup

func (client *Client) SimilarityLookup(parameters SimilarityLookupParameters) *SimilarityLookupRequest

SimilarityLookup returns new request for SimilarityLookup

type Condition

type Condition string

Condition typed constant for Condition parameter

const (
	// ConditionNone unspecifed condition
	ConditionNone Condition = ""
	// ConditionNew constant "New"
	ConditionNew Condition = "New"
	// ConditionUsed constant "Used"
	ConditionUsed Condition = "Used"
	// ConditionCollectible constant "Collectible"
	ConditionCollectible Condition = "Collectible"
	// ConditionRefurbished constant "Refurbished"
	ConditionRefurbished Condition = "Refurbished"
	// ConditionAll constant "All"
	ConditionAll Condition = "All"

type Creator

type Creator struct {
	Role string `xml:",attr"`
	Name string `xml:",chardata"`

Creator represents Creator

type CustomerReviews

type CustomerReviews struct {
	IFrameURL  string
	HasReviews bool

CustomerReviews represents CustomerReviews

type Date

type Date struct {

Date represents short form date with yyyy-mm-dd date format

func (*Date) UnmarshalXML

func (c *Date) UnmarshalXML(d *xml.Decoder, start xml.StartElement) error

UnmarshalXML parse time

type EANList

type EANList struct {
	Element []string `xml:"EANListElement"`

EANList represents EANList

type Error

type Error struct {
	Code    ErrorCode
	Message string

Error represents Error

func (Error) Error

func (e Error) Error() string

type ErrorCode

type ErrorCode string

ErrorCode error code

const (
	// ExactParameterRequirement AWS.ExactParameterRequirement
	ExactParameterRequirement ErrorCode = "AWS.ExactParameterRequirement"
	// ExceededMaximumParameterValues AWS.ExceededMaximumParameterValues
	ExceededMaximumParameterValues ErrorCode = "AWS.ExceededMaximumParameterValues"
	// InsufficientParameterValues AWS.InsufficientParameterValues
	InsufficientParameterValues ErrorCode = "AWS.InsufficientParameterValues"
	// InternalError AWS.InternalError For SOAP, this will be presented as a SOAP fault rather than an error.
	InternalError ErrorCode = "AWS.InternalError"
	// InvalidAccount AWS.InvalidAccount
	InvalidAccount ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidAccount"
	// InvalidAssociate AWS.InvalidAssociate You registered as an Amazon Associate in the requested locale. For more information, see Becoming an Associate.
	InvalidAssociate ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidAssociate"
	// InvalidEnumeratedParameter AWS.InvalidEnumeratedParameter For example, SearchIndex has an explicit list of valid values.
	InvalidEnumeratedParameter ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidEnumeratedParameter"
	// InvalidISO8601Time AWS.InvalidISO8601Time For example, this error is returned if your request has an invalid value for the Version parameter.
	InvalidISO8601Time ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidISO8601Time"
	// InvalidOperationForMarketplace AWS.InvalidOperationForMarketplace
	InvalidOperationForMarketplace ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidOperationForMarketplace"
	// InvalidOperationParameter AWS.InvalidOperationParameter For example, if your request has the AsinSearch operation, you will receive an error because AsinSearch is no longer supported.
	InvalidOperationParameter ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidOperationParameter"
	// InvalidParameterCombination AWS.InvalidParameterCombination For example, if the CartAdd operation includes an ASIN and OfferListingId, you will receive an error.
	InvalidParameterCombination ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidParameterCombination"
	// InvalidParameterValue AWS.InvalidParameterValue
	InvalidParameterValue ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidParameterValue"
	// InvalidResponseGroup AWS.InvalidResponseGroup
	InvalidResponseGroup ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidResponseGroup"
	// InvalidServiceParameter AWS.InvalidServiceParameter
	InvalidServiceParameter ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidServiceParameter"
	// InvalidSubscriptionID AWS.InvalidSubscriptionId
	InvalidSubscriptionID ErrorCode = "AWS.InvalidSubscriptionId"
	// MaximumParameterRequirement AWS.MaximumParameterRequirement
	MaximumParameterRequirement ErrorCode = "AWS.MaximumParameterRequirement"
	// MinimumParameterRequirement AWS.MinimumParameterRequirement
	MinimumParameterRequirement ErrorCode = "AWS.MinimumParameterRequirement"
	// MissingOperationParameter AWS.MissingOperationParameter
	MissingOperationParameter ErrorCode = "AWS.MissingOperationParameter"
	// MissingParameterCombination AWS.MissingParameterCombination
	MissingParameterCombination ErrorCode = "AWS.MissingParameterCombination"
	// MissingParameters AWS.MissingParameters
	MissingParameters ErrorCode = "AWS.MissingParameters"
	// MissingParameterValueCombination AWS.MissingParameterValueCombination For example, an ItemLookup request for a Universal Product Code (UPC) must include the IdType and ItemId parameters. The value of IdType must be UPC.
	MissingParameterValueCombination ErrorCode = "AWS.MissingParameterValueCombination"
	// MissingServiceParameter AWS.MissingServiceParameter
	MissingServiceParameter ErrorCode = "AWS.MissingServiceParameter"
	// ParameterOutOfRange AWS.ParameterOutOfRange For example, ItemSearch allows you to fetch search results per page with the ItemPage parameter. The range of values for ItemPage is 1 to 10. If the value you chose is less than 1 or greater than 10, an error is returned.
	ParameterOutOfRange ErrorCode = "AWS.ParameterOutOfRange"
	// ParameterRepeatedInRequest AWS.ParameterRepeatedInRequest
	ParameterRepeatedInRequest ErrorCode = "AWS.ParameterRepeatedInRequest"
	// RestrictedParameterValueCombination AWS.RestrictedParameterValueCombination
	RestrictedParameterValueCombination ErrorCode = "AWS.RestrictedParameterValueCombination"
	// ExceededMaximumCartItems AWS.ECommerceService.ExceededMaximumCartItems
	ExceededMaximumCartItems ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.ExceededMaximumCartItems"
	// InvalidCartID AWS.ECommerceService.InvalidCartId
	InvalidCartID ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.InvalidCartId"
	// InvalidHMAC AWS.ECommerceService.InvalidHMAC The HMAC value is a unique token that associates a shopping cart with an Amazon customer, and a specific session on the Amazon marketplace.
	InvalidHMAC ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.InvalidHMAC"
	// InvalidQuantity AWS.ECommerceService.InvalidQuantity
	InvalidQuantity ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.InvalidQuantity"
	// ItemAlreadyInCart AWS.ECommerceService.ItemAlreadyInCart
	ItemAlreadyInCart ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.ItemAlreadyInCart"
	// ItemNotAccessible AWS.ECommerceService.ItemNotAccessible
	ItemNotAccessible ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.ItemNotAccessible"
	// ItemNotEligibleForCart AWS.ECommerceService.ItemNotEligibleForCart
	ItemNotEligibleForCart ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.ItemNotEligibleForCart"
	// NoExactMatches AWS.ECommerceService.NoExactMatches
	NoExactMatches ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.NoExactMatches"
	// NoSimilarities AWS.ECommerceService.NoSimilarities
	NoSimilarities ErrorCode = "AWS.ECommerceService.NoSimilarities"
	// RequestThrottled RequestThrottled For more information about rates, see Efficiency Guidelines.
	RequestThrottled ErrorCode = "RequestThrottled"

type ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponse interface {
	Code() string
	Message() string

ErrorResponse represents error response from the API

type Errors

type Errors struct {
	XMLName   xml.Name `xml:"Errors"`
	ErrorNode []Error  `xml:"Error"`

Errors represents Errors

func (Errors) Error

func (e Errors) Error() string

Error returns error string

type IDType

type IDType string

IDType typed constant for IDType parameter

const (
	// IDTypeSKU constant "SKU"
	IDTypeSKU IDType = "SKU"
	// IDTypeUPC constant "UPC"
	IDTypeUPC IDType = "UPC"
	// IDTypeEAN constant "EAN"
	IDTypeEAN IDType = "EAN"
	// IDTypeISBN constant "ISBN"
	// IDTypeASIN constnt "ASI"

type Image

type Image struct {
	URL    string
	Height Size
	Width  Size

Image represents Image

type ImageSet

type ImageSet struct {
	Category       string `xml:",attr"`
	SwatchImage    Image
	SmallImage     Image
	ThumbnailImage Image
	TinyImage      Image
	MediumImage    Image
	LargeImage     Image

ImageSet represents ImageSet

type ImageSets

type ImageSets struct {
	ImageSet []ImageSet

ImageSets represents ImageSets

type Item

type Item struct {
	XMLName         xml.Name `xml:"Item"`
	ASIN            string
	DetailPageURL   string
	SalesRank       int
	ItemLinks       ItemLinks
	SmallImage      Image
	MediumImage     Image
	LargeImage      Image
	ImageSets       ImageSets
	ItemAttributes  ItemAttributes
	OfferSummary    OfferSummary
	Offers          Offers
	CustomerReviews CustomerReviews
	SimilarProducts SimilarProducts
	BrowseNodes     BrowseNodes

Item represents item

type ItemAttributes

type ItemAttributes struct {
	Author            []string
	Artist            string
	Actor             string
	AspectRatio       string
	AudienceRating    string
	Binding           string
	Creator           Creator
	EAN               string
	EANList           EANList
	CatalogNumberList CatalogNumberList
	Format            []string
	IsAdultProduct    bool
	ISBN              string
	Label             string
	Languages         Languages
	ListPrice         Price
	Manufacturer      string
	NumberOfPages     int
	PackageDimensions PackageDimensions
	ProductGroup      string
	ProductTypeName   string
	PublicationDate   *Date
	PackageQuantity   int
	PartNumber        string
	UPC               string
	UPCList           UPCList
	Publisher         string
	Studio            string
	Title             string
	NumberOfDiscs     []int

ItemAttributes represents ItemAttributes

type ItemLink struct {
	Description string
	URL         string

ItemLink represents ItemLink

type ItemLinks struct {
	ItemLink []ItemLink

ItemLinks represents ItemLinks

type ItemLookupParameters

type ItemLookupParameters struct {
	ResponseGroups        []ItemLookupResponseGroup
	Condition             Condition
	IDType                IDType
	ItemIDs               []string
	IncludeReviewsSummary *bool
	MerchantID            string
	RelatedItemPage       int
	RelationshipType      RelationshipType
	SearchIndex           SearchIndex
	TruncateReviewsAt     *int
	VariationPage         int

ItemLookupParameters represents parameters for ItemLookup operation request

type ItemLookupRequest

type ItemLookupRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters ItemLookupParameters

ItemLookupRequest represents request for ItemLookup operation

func (*ItemLookupRequest) Do

Do sends request for the API

func (*ItemLookupRequest) Query

func (req *ItemLookupRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type ItemLookupResponse

type ItemLookupResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"ItemLookupResponse"`
	Items   Items    `xml:"Items"`

ItemLookupResponse represents response for ItemLookup operation

func (*ItemLookupResponse) Error

func (res *ItemLookupResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type ItemLookupResponseGroup

type ItemLookupResponseGroup string

ItemLookupResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupAccessories is a constant for Accessories response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupAccessories ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Accessories"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupBrowseNodes is a constant for BrowseNodes response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupBrowseNodes ItemLookupResponseGroup = "BrowseNodes"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupEditorialReview is a constant for EditorialReview response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupEditorialReview ItemLookupResponseGroup = "EditorialReview"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupImages is a constant for Images response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupImages ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Images"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupItemAttributes is a constant for ItemAttributes response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupItemAttributes ItemLookupResponseGroup = "ItemAttributes"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupItemIds is a constant for ItemIds response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupItemIds ItemLookupResponseGroup = "ItemIds"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupLarge is a constant for Large response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupLarge ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Large"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupMedium is a constant for Medium response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupMedium ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Medium"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupOfferFull is a constant for OfferFull response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupOfferFull ItemLookupResponseGroup = "OfferFull"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupOffers is a constant for Offers response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupOffers ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Offers"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupPromotionSummary is a constant for PromotionSummary response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupPromotionSummary ItemLookupResponseGroup = "PromotionSummary"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupOfferSummary is a constant for OfferSummary response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupOfferSummary ItemLookupResponseGroup = "OfferSummary"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupRelatedItems is a constant for RelatedItems response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupRelatedItems ItemLookupResponseGroup = "RelatedItems"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupReviews is a constant for Reviews response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupReviews ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Reviews"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupSalesRank is a constant for SalesRank response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupSalesRank ItemLookupResponseGroup = "SalesRank"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupSimilarities is a constant for Similarities response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupSimilarities ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Similarities"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupSmall is a constant for Small response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupSmall ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Small"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupTracks is a constant for Tracks response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupTracks ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Tracks"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupVariationImages is a constant for VariationImages response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupVariationImages ItemLookupResponseGroup = "VariationImages"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupVariations is a constant for Variations response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupVariations ItemLookupResponseGroup = "Variations"
	// ItemLookupResponseGroupVariationSummary is a constant for VariationSummary response group
	ItemLookupResponseGroupVariationSummary ItemLookupResponseGroup = "VariationSummary"

type ItemSearchParameters

type ItemSearchParameters struct {
	// Actor name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Actor string
	// Artist name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Artist string
	// Movie ratings based on MPAA ratings or age, depending on locale.
	// You can specify one or more values in a comma-separated list
	AudienceRating string
	// Author name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Author string
	// Returns available items only
	OnlyAvailable bool
	// Brand name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Brand string
	// Browse nodes are numbers that identify product categories. For example, the browse node for Literature & Fiction is 17, while the browse node for Outdoors & Nature is 290060.
	BrowseNode string
	// Composer name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Composer string
	// Condition filters offers by condition type. By default, Condition equals New. When the Availability parameter is set to Available, the Condition parameter cannot be set to New.
	// Conductor Conductor name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Conductor string
	// Director Director name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Director string
	// IncludeReviewsSummary Returns the reviews summary URL.
	IncludeReviewsSummary *bool
	// ItemPage returns a specific page of items from the available search results. Up to ten items are returned per page.
	// If you do not include ItemPage in your request, the first page is returned. The total number of pages found is returned in the TotalPages response element.
	// If Condition is set to All, ItemSearch returns additional offers for those items, one offer per condition type.
	// Valid values: 1 to 10 (1 to 5 when search index is All)
	ItemPage int
	// Keywords A word or phrase that describes an item, including author, artist, description, manufacturer, title, and so on.
	// For example, when SearchIndex is set to MusicTracks, the Keywords parameter can search for song title.
	Keywords string
	// Manufacturer Manufacturer name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Manufacturer string
	// MaxPrice Specifies the maximum item price in the response. Prices appear in the lowest currency denomination. For example, 3241 is $32.41. MaximumPrice can be used with every index, except All and Blended.
	MaximumPrice int
	// MerchantId Filters search results and offer listings to items sold by Amazon. By default, the Product Advertising API returns items sold by merchants and Amazon.
	MerchantID string
	// MinimumPrice Specifies the minimum item price in the response. Prices appear in the lowest currency denomination. For example, 3241 is $32.41. MinimumPrice can be used with every index, except All and Blended.
	MinimumPrice int
	// MinPercentageOff Specifies the minimum percentage off the item price.
	MinPercentageOff int
	// Orchestra Orchestra name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Orchestra string
	// Power Performs a book search with a complex query string. The parameter can be used only when SearchIndex is set to Books.
	// See
	Power string
	// Publisher Publisher name associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the name.
	Publisher string
	// RelatedItemPage Returns a specific page of related items from the available search results. Up to ten items are returned per page. This parameter can be used with the RelatedItems response group.
	RelatedItemPage int
	// RelationshipType This parameter is required when the RelatedItems response group is used. The type of related item returned is specified by the RelationshipType parameter. Sample values include Episode, Season, and Tracks.
	// SearchIndex The product category to search.
	// Sort The way in which items in the response are ordered.
	Sort string
	// Title Title associated with the item. You can enter all or part of the title. Title searches are a subset of Keyword searches. Use a Keywords search if a Title search does not return the items you want.
	Title string
	// TruncateReviewsAt By default, reviews are truncated to 1000 characters. Choose a value to specify a length. To return the entire review, use 0 .
	TruncateReviewsAt *int
	// VariationPage Returns a specific page of variations. For example, set VariationPage to 2 to return offers 11 to 20 . The total number of pages appears in the TotalPages element.
	VariationPage *int
	// Specifies the types of values to return. Separate
	ResponseGroups []ItemSearchResponseGroup

ItemSearchParameters represents parameters for ItemSearch operation request

type ItemSearchRequest

type ItemSearchRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters ItemSearchParameters

ItemSearchRequest represents request for ItemSearch operation

func (*ItemSearchRequest) Do

Do sends request for the API

func (*ItemSearchRequest) Query

func (req *ItemSearchRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type ItemSearchResponse

type ItemSearchResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"ItemSearchResponse"`
	Items   Items    `xml:"Items"`

ItemSearchResponse represents response for ItemSearch operation

func (*ItemSearchResponse) Error

func (res *ItemSearchResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type ItemSearchResponseGroup

type ItemSearchResponseGroup string

ItemSearchResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupTags is a constant for Tags response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupTags ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Tags"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupHelp is a constant for Help response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupHelp ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Help"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupListMinimum is a constant for ListMinimum response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupListMinimum ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ListMinimum"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupTransactionDetails is a constant for TransactionDetails response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupTransactionDetails ItemSearchResponseGroup = "TransactionDetails"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationImages is a constant for VariationImages response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationImages ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VariationImages"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupPartBrandBinsSummary is a constant for PartBrandBinsSummary response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupPartBrandBinsSummary ItemSearchResponseGroup = "PartBrandBinsSummary"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCustomerFull is a constant for CustomerFull response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCustomerFull ItemSearchResponseGroup = "CustomerFull"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCartNewReleases is a constant for CartNewReleases response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCartNewReleases ItemSearchResponseGroup = "CartNewReleases"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupItemIds is a constant for ItemIds response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupItemIds ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ItemIds"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupTagsSummary is a constant for TagsSummary response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupTagsSummary ItemSearchResponseGroup = "TagsSummary"

	// ItemSearchResponseGroupFitments is a constant for Fitments response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupFitments ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Fitments"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupPartBrowseNodeBinsSummary is a constant for PartBrowseNodeBinsSummary response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupPartBrowseNodeBinsSummary ItemSearchResponseGroup = "PartBrowseNodeBinsSummary"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupTopSellers is a constant for TopSellers response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupTopSellers ItemSearchResponseGroup = "TopSellers"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupRequest is a constant for Request response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupRequest ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Request"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupHasPartCompatibility is a constant for HasPartCompatibility response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupHasPartCompatibility ItemSearchResponseGroup = "HasPartCompatibility"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupListFull is a constant for ListFull response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupListFull ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ListFull"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupSeller is a constant for Seller response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupSeller ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Seller"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleMakes is a constant for VehicleMakes response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleMakes ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VehicleMakes"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupTaggedItems is a constant for TaggedItems response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupTaggedItems ItemSearchResponseGroup = "TaggedItems"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleParts is a constant for VehicleParts response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleParts ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VehicleParts"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupBrowseNodeInfo is a constant for BrowseNodeInfo response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupBrowseNodeInfo ItemSearchResponseGroup = "BrowseNodeInfo"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupItemAttributes is a constant for ItemAttributes response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupItemAttributes ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ItemAttributes"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleOptions is a constant for VehicleOptions response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleOptions ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VehicleOptions"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupListItems is a constant for ListItems response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupListItems ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ListItems"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupTaggedGuides is a constant for TaggedGuides response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupTaggedGuides ItemSearchResponseGroup = "TaggedGuides"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupNewReleases is a constant for NewReleases response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupNewReleases ItemSearchResponseGroup = "NewReleases"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVehiclePartFit is a constant for VehiclePartFit response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVehiclePartFit ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VehiclePartFit"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCartSimilarities is a constant for CartSimilarities response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCartSimilarities ItemSearchResponseGroup = "CartSimilarities"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupShippingCharges is a constant for ShippingCharges response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupShippingCharges ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ShippingCharges"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupShippingOptions is a constant for ShippingOptions response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupShippingOptions ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ShippingOptions"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCustomerInfo is a constant for CustomerInfo response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCustomerInfo ItemSearchResponseGroup = "CustomerInfo"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupPartnerTransactionDetails is a constant for PartnerTransactionDetails response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupPartnerTransactionDetails ItemSearchResponseGroup = "PartnerTransactionDetails"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleYears is a constant for VehicleYears response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleYears ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VehicleYears"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleTrims is a constant for VehicleTrims response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleTrims ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VehicleTrims"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCustomerReviews is a constant for CustomerReviews response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCustomerReviews ItemSearchResponseGroup = "CustomerReviews"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupSellerListing is a constant for SellerListing response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupSellerListing ItemSearchResponseGroup = "SellerListing"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCart is a constant for Cart response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCart ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Cart"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupTaggedListmaniaLists is a constant for TaggedListmaniaLists response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupTaggedListmaniaLists ItemSearchResponseGroup = "TaggedListmaniaLists"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleModels is a constant for VehicleModels response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVehicleModels ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VehicleModels"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupListInfo is a constant for ListInfo response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupListInfo ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ListInfo"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCustomerLists is a constant for CustomerLists response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCustomerLists ItemSearchResponseGroup = "CustomerLists"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCartTopSellers is a constant for CartTopSellers response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCartTopSellers ItemSearchResponseGroup = "CartTopSellers"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupCollections is a constant for Collections response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupCollections ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Collections"

	// ItemSearchResponseGroupAccessories is a constant for Accessories response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupAccessories ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Accessories"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupAlternateVersions is a constant for AlternateVersions response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupAlternateVersions ItemSearchResponseGroup = "AlternateVersions"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupBrowseNodes is a constant for BrowseNodes response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupBrowseNodes ItemSearchResponseGroup = "BrowseNodes"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupEditorialReview is a constant for EditorialReview response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupEditorialReview ItemSearchResponseGroup = "EditorialReview"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupImages is a constant for Images response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupImages ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Images"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupItemAttributesItemIds is a constant for ItemAttributesItemIds response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupItemAttributesItemIds ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ItemAttributesItemIds"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupLarge is a constant for Large response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupLarge ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Large"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupListmaniaLists is a constant for ListmaniaLists response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupListmaniaLists ItemSearchResponseGroup = "ListmaniaLists"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupMedium is a constant for Medium response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupMedium ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Medium"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupMerchantItemAttributes is a constant for MerchantItemAttributes response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupMerchantItemAttributes ItemSearchResponseGroup = "MerchantItemAttributes"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupOfferFull is a constant for OfferFull response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupOfferFull ItemSearchResponseGroup = "OfferFull"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupOfferListings is a constant for OfferListings response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupOfferListings ItemSearchResponseGroup = "OfferListings"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupOffers is a constant for Offers response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupOffers ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Offers"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupOfferSummary is a constant for OfferSummary response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupOfferSummary ItemSearchResponseGroup = "OfferSummary"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupPromotionalTag is a constant for PromotionalTag response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupPromotionalTag ItemSearchResponseGroup = "PromotionalTag"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupPromotionDetails is a constant for PromotionDetails response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupPromotionDetails ItemSearchResponseGroup = "PromotionDetails"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupPromotionSummary is a constant for PromotionSummary response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupPromotionSummary ItemSearchResponseGroup = "PromotionSummary"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupRelatedItems is a constant for RelatedItems response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupRelatedItems ItemSearchResponseGroup = "RelatedItems"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupReviews is a constant for Reviews response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupReviews ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Reviews"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupSalesRank is a constant for SalesRank response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupSalesRank ItemSearchResponseGroup = "SalesRank"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupSearchBins is a constant for SearchBins response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupSearchBins ItemSearchResponseGroup = "SearchBins"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupSearchInside is a constant for SearchInside response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupSearchInside ItemSearchResponseGroup = "SearchInside"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupSimilarities is a constant for Similarities response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupSimilarities ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Similarities"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupSmall is a constant for Small response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupSmall ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Small"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupSubjects is a constant for Subjects response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupSubjects ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Subjects"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupTracks is a constant for Tracks response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupTracks ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Tracks"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationMatrix is a constant for VariationMatrix response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationMatrix ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VariationMatrix"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationMinimum is a constant for VariationMinimum response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationMinimum ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VariationMinimum"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationOffers is a constant for VariationOffers response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationOffers ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VariationOffers"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVariations is a constant for Variations response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVariations ItemSearchResponseGroup = "Variations"
	// ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationSummary is a constant for VariationSummary response group
	ItemSearchResponseGroupVariationSummary ItemSearchResponseGroup = "VariationSummary"

type Items

type Items struct {
	Request              Request
	TotalResults         int
	TotalPages           int
	MoreSearchResultsURL string `xml:"MoreSearchResultsUrl"`
	Item                 []Item

Items represents items

type Language

type Language struct {
	Name        string
	Type        string
	AudioFormat string

Language represents Language

type Languages

type Languages struct {
	Language []Language

Languages represents Languages

type LoyaltyPoints

type LoyaltyPoints struct {
	Points                 int
	TypicalRedemptionValue Price

LoyaltyPoints represents LoyaltyPoints

type Merchant

type Merchant struct {
	Name string

Merchant represents Merchant

type NewRelease

type NewRelease struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NewRelease represents NewRelease

type NewReleases

type NewReleases struct {
	NewRelease []NewRelease

NewReleases represents NewReleases

type Offer

type Offer struct {
	OfferAttributes OfferAttributes
	OfferListing    OfferListing
	LoyaltyPoints   LoyaltyPoints
	Merchant        Merchant

Offer represents Offer

type OfferAttributes

type OfferAttributes struct {
	Condition string

OfferAttributes represents OfferAttributes

type OfferListing

type OfferListing struct {
	ID                              string `xml:"OfferListingId"`
	Price                           Price
	Availability                    string
	AvailabilityAttributes          AvailabilityAttributes
	IsEligibleForSuperSaverShipping bool
	IsEligibleForPrime              bool

OfferListing represents OfferListing

type OfferSummary

type OfferSummary struct {
	LowestNewPrice   Price
	LowestUsedPrice  Price
	TotalNew         int
	TotalUsed        int
	TotalCollectible int
	TotalRefurbished int

OfferSummary represents OfferSummary

type Offers

type Offers struct {
	TotalOffers     int
	TotalOfferPages int
	MoreOffersURL   string `xml:"MoreOffersUrl"`
	Offer           []Offer

Offers represents Offers

type OperationRequest

type OperationRequest interface {
	Query() map[string]interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

OperationRequest interface

type PackageDimensions

type PackageDimensions struct {
	Height Size
	Length Size
	Weight Size
	Width  Size

PackageDimensions represents PackageDimensions

type Price

type Price struct {
	Amount         string
	CurrencyCode   string
	FormattedPrice string

Price represents Price

type Region

type Region string

Region constants

const (
	// RegionBrazil Brazil
	RegionBrazil Region = "BR"
	// RegionCanada Canada
	RegionCanada Region = "CA"
	// RegionChina  China
	RegionChina Region = "CN"
	// RegionGermany Germany
	RegionGermany Region = "DE"
	// RegionSpain  Spain
	RegionSpain Region = "ES"
	// RegionFrance France
	RegionFrance Region = "FR"
	// RegionIndia  India
	RegionIndia Region = "IN"
	// RegionItaly  Italy
	RegionItaly Region = "IT"
	// RegionJapan  Japan
	RegionJapan Region = "JP"
	// RegionMexico Mexico
	RegionMexico Region = "MX"
	// RegionUK     UK
	RegionUK Region = "UK"
	// RegionUS     US
	RegionUS Region = "US"

func (Region) Endpoint

func (region Region) Endpoint() string

Endpoint returns API endpoint for region

func (Region) HTTPEndpoint

func (region Region) HTTPEndpoint() string

HTTPEndpoint returns HTTP endpoint

func (Region) HTTPSEndpoint

func (region Region) HTTPSEndpoint() string

HTTPSEndpoint returns HTTPS endpoint

func (Region) IsValid

func (region Region) IsValid() bool

IsValid returns region is valid

type RelationshipType

type RelationshipType string

RelationshipType typed constant for RelationshipType parameter

const (
	// RelationshipTypeAuthorityTitle Links a non-buyable ASIN TitleAuthority parent with its buyable children. A book might have a single TitleAuthority ASIN that relates to a list of child ASINs for different formats of the same book (hardback, paperback, audio book, Kindle). MP3 albums have the same AuthorityTitle parent as its physical CD counterpart.
	RelationshipTypeAuthorityTitle RelationshipType = "AuthorityTitle"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicArranger Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicArranger RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicArranger"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicComposer Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicComposer RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicComposer"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicConductor Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicConductor RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicConductor"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicEnsemble Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicEnsemble RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicEnsemble"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicLyricist Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicLyricist RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicLyricist"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicPerformer Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicPerformer RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicPerformer"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicPrimaryArtist Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks. This is the relationship that shows all MP3 downloads for a single artist on
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicPrimaryArtist RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicPrimaryArtist"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicProducer Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicProducer RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicProducer"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicRemixer Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicRemixer RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicRemixer"
	// RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicSongWriter Non-buyable child of both MP3 albums and tracks.
	RelationshipTypeDigitalMusicSongWriter RelationshipType = "DigitalMusicSongWriter"
	// RelationshipTypeEpisode Relates an Unbox Season (parent) to Episodes (children) from that season. This value can be used interchangeably with Tracks.
	RelationshipTypeEpisode RelationshipType = "Episode"
	// RelationshipTypeNewerVersion Returns the latest version of an item.
	RelationshipTypeNewerVersion RelationshipType = "NewerVersion"
	// RelationshipTypeSeason Relates an Unbox Series (parent) to its Seasons (children).
	RelationshipTypeSeason RelationshipType = "Season"
	// RelationshipTypeTracks Relates an MP3 Album (parent) to its Tracks (children). This value can be used interchangeably with Episode.
	RelationshipTypeTracks RelationshipType = "Tracks"

type Request

type Request struct {
	IsValid bool
	Errors  *Errors

Request represents Request

type SavedForLaterItem

type SavedForLaterItem struct {

SavedForLaterItem represents SavedForLaterItem

type SavedForLaterItems

type SavedForLaterItems struct {
	SubTotal          Price
	SavedForLaterItem []SavedForLaterItem

SavedForLaterItems represents SavedForLaterItems

type SearchIndex

type SearchIndex string

SearchIndex typed constant for SearchIndex parameter

const (
	// SearchIndexAll constant for All search index parameter
	SearchIndexAll SearchIndex = "All"
	// SearchIndexApparel constant for Apparel search index parameter
	SearchIndexApparel SearchIndex = "Apparel"
	// SearchIndexAppliances constant for Appliances search index parameter
	SearchIndexAppliances SearchIndex = "Appliances"
	// SearchIndexArtsAndCrafts constant for ArtsAndCrafts search index parameter
	SearchIndexArtsAndCrafts SearchIndex = "ArtsAndCrafts"
	// SearchIndexAutomotive constant for Automotive search index parameter
	SearchIndexAutomotive SearchIndex = "Automotive"
	// SearchIndexBaby constant for Baby search index parameter
	SearchIndexBaby SearchIndex = "Baby"
	// SearchIndexBeauty constant for Beauty search index parameter
	SearchIndexBeauty SearchIndex = "Beauty"
	// SearchIndexBlended constant for Blended search index parameter
	SearchIndexBlended SearchIndex = "Blended"
	// SearchIndexBooks constant for Books search index parameter
	SearchIndexBooks SearchIndex = "Books"
	// SearchIndexClassical constant for Classical search index parameter
	SearchIndexClassical SearchIndex = "Classical"
	// SearchIndexCollectibles constant for Collectibles search index parameter
	SearchIndexCollectibles SearchIndex = "Collectibles"
	// SearchIndexCreditCards constant for CreditCards search index parameter
	SearchIndexCreditCards SearchIndex = "CreditCards"
	// SearchIndexDVD constant for DVD search index parameter
	SearchIndexDVD SearchIndex = "DVD"
	// SearchIndexElectronics constant for Electronics search index parameter
	SearchIndexElectronics SearchIndex = "Electronics"
	// SearchIndexFashion constant for Fashion search index parameter
	SearchIndexFashion SearchIndex = "Fashion"
	// SearchIndexFashionBaby constant for FashionBaby search index parameter
	SearchIndexFashionBaby SearchIndex = "FashionBaby"
	// SearchIndexFashionBoys constant for FashionBoys search index parameter
	SearchIndexFashionBoys SearchIndex = "FashionBoys"
	// SearchIndexFashionGirls constant for FashionGirls search index parameter
	SearchIndexFashionGirls SearchIndex = "FashionGirls"
	// SearchIndexFashionMen constant for FashionMen search index parameter
	SearchIndexFashionMen SearchIndex = "FashionMen"
	// SearchIndexFashionWomen constant for FashionWomen search index parameter
	SearchIndexFashionWomen SearchIndex = "FashionWomen"
	// SearchIndexForeignBooks constant for ForeignBooks search index parameter
	SearchIndexForeignBooks SearchIndex = "ForeignBooks"
	// SearchIndexGarden constant for Garden search index parameter
	SearchIndexGarden SearchIndex = "Garden"
	// SearchIndexGiftCards constant for GiftCards search index parameter
	SearchIndexGiftCards SearchIndex = "GiftCards"
	// SearchIndexGrocery constant for Grocery search index parameter
	SearchIndexGrocery SearchIndex = "Grocery"
	// SearchIndexHealthPersonalCare constant for HealthPersonalCare search index parameter
	SearchIndexHealthPersonalCare SearchIndex = "HealthPersonalCare"
	// SearchIndexHobbies constant for Hobbies search index parameter
	SearchIndexHobbies SearchIndex = "Hobbies"
	// SearchIndexHome constant for Home search index parameter
	SearchIndexHome SearchIndex = "Home"
	// SearchIndexHomeGarden constant for HomeGarden search index parameter
	SearchIndexHomeGarden SearchIndex = "HomeGarden"
	// SearchIndexHomeImprovement constant for HomeImprovement search index parameter
	SearchIndexHomeImprovement SearchIndex = "HomeImprovement"
	// SearchIndexIndustrial constant for Industrial search index parameter
	SearchIndexIndustrial SearchIndex = "Industrial"
	// SearchIndexJewelry constant for Jewelry search index parameter
	SearchIndexJewelry SearchIndex = "Jewelry"
	// SearchIndexKindleStore constant for KindleStore search index parameter
	SearchIndexKindleStore SearchIndex = "KindleStore"
	// SearchIndexKitchen constant for Kitchen search index parameter
	SearchIndexKitchen SearchIndex = "Kitchen"
	// SearchIndexLawnAndGarden constant for LawnAndGarden search index parameter
	SearchIndexLawnAndGarden SearchIndex = "LawnAndGarden"
	// SearchIndexLighting constant for Lighting search index parameter
	SearchIndexLighting SearchIndex = "Lighting"
	// SearchIndexLuggage constant for Luggage search index parameter
	SearchIndexLuggage SearchIndex = "Luggage"
	// SearchIndexMagazines constant for Magazines search index parameter
	SearchIndexMagazines SearchIndex = "Magazines"
	// SearchIndexMobileApps constant for MobileApps search index parameter
	SearchIndexMobileApps SearchIndex = "MobileApps"
	// SearchIndexMovies constant for Movies search index parameter
	SearchIndexMovies SearchIndex = "Movies"
	// SearchIndexMP3Downloads constant for MP3Downloads search index parameter
	SearchIndexMP3Downloads SearchIndex = "MP3Downloads"
	// SearchIndexMusic constant for Music search index parameter
	SearchIndexMusic SearchIndex = "Music"
	// SearchIndexMusicalInstruments constant for MusicalInstruments search index parameter
	SearchIndexMusicalInstruments SearchIndex = "MusicalInstruments"
	// SearchIndexOfficeProducts constant for OfficeProducts search index parameter
	SearchIndexOfficeProducts SearchIndex = "OfficeProducts"
	// SearchIndexPantry constant for Pantry search index parameter
	SearchIndexPantry SearchIndex = "Pantry"
	// SearchIndexPCHardware constant for PCHardware search index parameter
	SearchIndexPCHardware SearchIndex = "PCHardware"
	// SearchIndexPetSupplies constant for PetSupplies search index parameter
	SearchIndexPetSupplies SearchIndex = "PetSupplies"
	// SearchIndexPhoto constant for Photo search index parameter
	SearchIndexPhoto SearchIndex = "Photo"
	// SearchIndexShoes constant for Shoes search index parameter
	SearchIndexShoes SearchIndex = "Shoes"
	// SearchIndexSoftware constant for Software search index parameter
	SearchIndexSoftware SearchIndex = "Software"
	// SearchIndexSportingGoods constant for SportingGoods search index parameter
	SearchIndexSportingGoods SearchIndex = "SportingGoods"
	// SearchIndexTools constant for Tools search index parameter
	SearchIndexTools SearchIndex = "Tools"
	// SearchIndexToys constant for Toys search index parameter
	SearchIndexToys SearchIndex = "Toys"
	// SearchIndexUnboxVideo constant for UnboxVideo search index parameter
	SearchIndexUnboxVideo SearchIndex = "UnboxVideo"
	// SearchIndexVHS constant for VHS search index parameter
	SearchIndexVHS SearchIndex = "VHS"
	// SearchIndexVideo constant for Video search index parameter
	SearchIndexVideo SearchIndex = "Video"
	// SearchIndexVideoDownload constant for VideoDownload search index parameter
	SearchIndexVideoDownload SearchIndex = "VideoDownload"
	// SearchIndexVideoGames constant for VideoGames search index parameter
	SearchIndexVideoGames SearchIndex = "VideoGames"
	// SearchIndexWatches constant for Watches search index parameter
	SearchIndexWatches SearchIndex = "Watches"
	// SearchIndexWine constant for Wine search index parameter
	SearchIndexWine SearchIndex = "Wine"
	// SearchIndexWireless constant for Wireless search index parameter
	SearchIndexWireless SearchIndex = "Wireless"

type SimilarProduct

type SimilarProduct struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SimilarProduct represents SimilarProduct

type SimilarProducts

type SimilarProducts struct {
	SimilarProduct []SimilarProduct

SimilarProducts represents SimilarProducts

type SimilarViewedProduct

type SimilarViewedProduct struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SimilarViewedProduct represents SimilarViewedProduct

type SimilarViewedProducts

type SimilarViewedProducts struct {
	SimilarViewedProduct []SimilarViewedProduct

SimilarViewedProducts represents SimilarViewedProducts

type SimilarityLookupParameters

type SimilarityLookupParameters struct {
	ResponseGroups []SimilarityLookupResponseGroup
	Condition      Condition
	ItemIDs        []string
	MerchantID     string
	SimilarityType SimilarityType

SimilarityLookupParameters represents parameters for SimilarityLookup operation request

type SimilarityLookupRequest

type SimilarityLookupRequest struct {
	Client     *Client
	Parameters SimilarityLookupParameters

SimilarityLookupRequest represents request for SimilarityLookup operation

func (*SimilarityLookupRequest) Do

Do sends request for the API

func (*SimilarityLookupRequest) Query

func (req *SimilarityLookupRequest) Query() map[string]interface{}

Query returns query for sending request

type SimilarityLookupResponse

type SimilarityLookupResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"SimilarityLookupResponse"`
	Items   Items    `xml:"Items"`

SimilarityLookupResponse represents response for SimilarityLookup operation

func (*SimilarityLookupResponse) Error

func (res *SimilarityLookupResponse) Error() error

Error returns Error found

type SimilarityLookupResponseGroup

type SimilarityLookupResponseGroup string

SimilarityLookupResponseGroup represents constants those are capable ResponseGroups parameter

const (
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupAccessories constant "Accessories"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupAccessories SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Accessories"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupBrowseNodes constant "BrowseNodes"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupBrowseNodes SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "BrowseNodes"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupEditorialReview constant "EditorialReview"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupEditorialReview SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "EditorialReview"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupImages constant "Images"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupImages SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Images"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupLarge constant "Large"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupLarge SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Large"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupItemAttributes constant "ItemAttributes"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupItemAttributes SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "ItemAttributes"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupItemIds constant "ItemIds"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupItemIds SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "ItemIds"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupMedium constant "Medium"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupMedium SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Medium"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupOffers constant "Offers"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupOffers SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Offers"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupOfferSummary constant "OfferSummary"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupOfferSummary SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "OfferSummary"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupPromotionSummary constant "PromotionSummary"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupPromotionSummary SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "PromotionSummary"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupReviews constant "Reviews"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupReviews SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Reviews"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupSalesRank constant "SalesRank"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupSalesRank SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "SalesRank"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupSimilarities constant "Similarities"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupSimilarities SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Similarities"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupSmall constant "Small"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupSmall SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Small"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupTracks constant "Tracks"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupTracks SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Tracks"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupVariations constant "Variations"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupVariations SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "Variations"
	// SimilarityLookupResponseGroupVariationSummary constant "VariationSummary"
	SimilarityLookupResponseGroupVariationSummary SimilarityLookupResponseGroup = "VariationSummary"

type SimilarityType

type SimilarityType string

SimilarityType typed constant for SimilarityType parameter

const (
	// SimilarityTypeIntersection constant "Intersection"
	SimilarityTypeIntersection SimilarityType = "Intersection"
	// SimilarityTypeRandom constant "Random"
	SimilarityTypeRandom SimilarityType = "Random"

type Size

type Size struct {
	Value int    `xml:",chardata"`
	Units string `xml:",attr"`

Size represents Size

type TopItem

type TopItem struct {
	DetailPageURL string
	ProductGroup  string
	Author        string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TopItem represents TopItem

type TopItemSet

type TopItemSet struct {
	Type    string
	TopItem []TopItem

TopItemSet represents TopItemSet

type TopSeller

type TopSeller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TopSeller represents TopSelle

type TopSellers

type TopSellers struct {
	TopSeller []TopSeller

TopSellers represents TopSellers

type UPCList

type UPCList struct {
	Element []string `xml:"UPCListElement"`

UPCList represents UPCList

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