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const (
	// FeedComplianceAuditScope FeedComplianceAuditScope OAuth2 Scope
	FeedComplianceAuditScope = ""


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type MailMonitor

type MailMonitor struct {
	DomainName     string
	SourceUserName string
	DestUserName   string
	BeginDate      *time.Time
	EndDate        *time.Time
	MonitorLevels  MailMonitorLevels
	Updated        *time.Time

MailMonitor MailMonitor

func NewMailMonitor

func NewMailMonitor(domainName string,
	sourceUserName string,
	destUserName string,
	endDate time.Time,
	monitorLevels MailMonitorLevels,
) MailMonitor

NewMailMonitor returns new MailMonitor

func (*MailMonitor) URL

func (req *MailMonitor) URL() string

URL returns URL

type MailMonitorLevel

type MailMonitorLevel string

MailMonitorLevel MailMonitorLevel

const (
	// NoneLevel HEADER_ONLY
	NoneLevel MailMonitorLevel = ""
	// HeaderOnlyLevel HEADER_ONLY
	HeaderOnlyLevel MailMonitorLevel = "HEADER_ONLY"
	// FullMessageLevel FULL_MESSAGE
	FullMessageLevel MailMonitorLevel = "FULL_MESSAGE"

type MailMonitorLevels

type MailMonitorLevels struct {
	IncomingEmail MailMonitorLevel
	OutgoingEmail MailMonitorLevel
	Draft         MailMonitorLevel
	Chat          MailMonitorLevel

MailMonitorLevels MailMonitorLevels

type MailMonitorService

type MailMonitorService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MailMonitorService MailMonitorService

func NewMailMonitorService

func NewMailMonitorService(s *Service) *MailMonitorService

NewMailMonitorService returns new MailMonitorService

func (*MailMonitorService) Disable

func (svc *MailMonitorService) Disable(domain string, sourceUserName string, destUserName string) error

Disable Deleting an email monitor -

func (*MailMonitorService) List

func (svc *MailMonitorService) List(domain string, sourceUserName string) ([]MailMonitor, error)

List Retrieving all email monitors of a source user -

func (*MailMonitorService) Update

func (svc *MailMonitorService) Update(domainName string, sourceUserName string, destUserName string, endDate time.Time, monitorLevels MailMonitorLevels) (*MailMonitor, error)

Update creates or updates EmailMonitor - -

type Service

type Service struct {
	MailMonitor *MailMonitorService
	UserAgent   string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service Service

func New

func New(client *http.Client) (*Service, error)

New returns new Service

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