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A rudimentary bridge for Apache Arrow between Go and Python to facilitate zero-copy.

This Go module demonstrates in the tests how easy it is to create an Arrow Table in Python and use the same Arrow Table in Go without copying the underlying buffers.


Add the package to your go.mod file:

require master

Or, clone the repository:

git clone --branch master $GOPATH/src/


See the example or clone down the repo an run it via make run.


As you can see below, the amount of time to move data across the Python/Go language boundary stays constant as the number of elements increases.

However, as the number of chunks increase, the amount of time also increases. I believe this is due to the large number of CGO calls happening in loops. A future version might try to reduce the number of CGO calls by implementing the schema data gathering in C. In the meantime, a workaround could compress the table down to a single chunk before crossing the language boundary.

These results are from my Mid 2012 MacBook Air (1.8GHz i5 / 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3).

(bullseye) ➜  go-py-arrow-bridge git:(master) ✗ PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/Users/nick/anaconda3/envs/bullseye/lib/pkgconfig LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/Users/nick/anaconda3/envs/bullseye/lib/python3.7:/Users/nick/anaconda3/envs/bullseye/lib PYTHONPATH=/Users/nick/anaconda3/envs/bullseye/lib/python3.7/site-packages:/Users/nick/projects/go-py-arrow-bridge/__python__ go test -bench=. -run=- -cpuprofile
goos: darwin
goarch: amd64
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_5-4                    3000            402994 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_7-4                    3000            463610 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_9-4                    2000            553570 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_1000-4                   30          67841714 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_1500-4                   20          72966442 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_2000-4                   20          91238313 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_2500-4                   10         120581479 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_3000-4                   10         149069387 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_3500-4                   10         168897623 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_4000-4                   10         187915637 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_4500-4                    5         209468675 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_5000-4                    5         232361156 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_5500-4                    5         249023617 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_6000-4                    5         274385207 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_6500-4                    5         305522949 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_7000-4                    5         324781757 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_7500-4                    3         349889266 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_8000-4                    3         372640132 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_8500-4                    3         394905472 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_9000-4                    3         413965959 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_9500-4                    3         440292768 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyChunks_10000-4                   3         461282623 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_5-4                 10000            166585 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_7-4                 10000            165732 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_9-4                 10000            177193 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_1000-4              10000            166462 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_1500-4              10000            166774 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_2000-4              10000            169948 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_2500-4              10000            171018 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_3000-4              10000            168100 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_3500-4              10000            171136 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_4000-4              10000            166941 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_4500-4              10000            171599 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_5000-4              10000            169485 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_5500-4              10000            169657 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_6000-4              10000            168274 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_6500-4              10000            171372 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_7000-4              10000            168484 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_7500-4              10000            169056 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_8000-4              10000            166486 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_8500-4              10000            167760 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_9000-4              10000            173118 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_9500-4              10000            166797 ns/op
BenchmarkAll/BenchmarkZeroCopyElements_10000-4             10000            169281 ns/op
ok       86.975s


(c) 2019 Nick Poorman. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.




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func CallPyFunc

func CallPyFunc(obj *python3.PyObject, name string, args ...*python3.PyObject) *python3.PyObject

A helper for first fetching the function and then calling it

func GetFromType

func GetFromType(t arrow.Type) (arrow.DataType, error)

GetFromType returns a arrow.DataType for a given arrow.Type

func GetIntAttr

func GetIntAttr(obj *python3.PyObject, attr string) (int, bool)

func PyBufferToBytes

func PyBufferToBytes(pyBuffer *python3.PyObject) ([]byte, error)

func PyBuffersGetBuffer

func PyBuffersGetBuffer(pyBuffers *python3.PyObject, i int) (*memory.Buffer, error)

func PyBuffersToBuffers

func PyBuffersToBuffers(pyBuffers *python3.PyObject) ([]*memory.Buffer, error)

func PyChunkGetBuffers

func PyChunkGetBuffers(pyChunk *python3.PyObject) ([]*memory.Buffer, error)

func PyChunkGetLength

func PyChunkGetLength(pyChunk *python3.PyObject) (int, error)

func PyChunkGetNullCount

func PyChunkGetNullCount(pyChunk *python3.PyObject) (int, error)

func PyChunkGetOffset

func PyChunkGetOffset(pyChunk *python3.PyObject) (int, error)

func PyChunkGetPyBuffers

func PyChunkGetPyBuffers(pyChunk *python3.PyObject) (*python3.PyObject, error)

func PyChunkToChunk

func PyChunkToChunk(pyChunk *python3.PyObject, dtype arrow.DataType) (array.Interface, error)

func PyChunkToData

func PyChunkToData(pyChunk *python3.PyObject, dtype arrow.DataType) (*array.Data, error)

func PyChunkedGetPyChunks

func PyChunkedGetPyChunks(pyChunked *python3.PyObject) (*python3.PyObject, error)

func PyChunkedToChunked

func PyChunkedToChunked(pyChunked *python3.PyObject, dtype arrow.DataType) (*array.Chunked, error)

func PyChunkedToChunks

func PyChunkedToChunks(pyChunked *python3.PyObject, dtype arrow.DataType) ([]array.Interface, error)

func PyChunksGetChunk

func PyChunksGetChunk(pyChunks *python3.PyObject, i int, dtype arrow.DataType) (array.Interface, error)

func PyChunksGetPyChunk

func PyChunksGetPyChunk(pyChunks *python3.PyObject, i int) (*python3.PyObject, error)

func PyColumnGetPyChunked

func PyColumnGetPyChunked(pyColumn *python3.PyObject) (*python3.PyObject, error)

func PyColumnToChunkedWithField

func PyColumnToChunkedWithField(pyColumn *python3.PyObject, field arrow.Field) (*array.Chunked, error)

func PyColumnToColumnWithField

func PyColumnToColumnWithField(pyColumn *python3.PyObject, field arrow.Field) (*array.Column, error)

PyColumnToColumnWithField turns a PyColumn into a GoColumn

func PyDataTypeGetID

func PyDataTypeGetID(pyDtype *python3.PyObject) (int, error)

func PyDataTypeToDataType

func PyDataTypeToDataType(pyDtype *python3.PyObject) (arrow.DataType, error)

PyDataTypeToDataType returns the Go arrow DataType given the Python type.

func PyFieldToField

func PyFieldToField(pyField *python3.PyObject) (*arrow.Field, error)

PyFieldToField given a Python field gets the Go Arrow field.

func PySchemaFromPyTable

func PySchemaFromPyTable(pyTable *python3.PyObject) (*python3.PyObject, error)

PySchemaFromPyTable returns a pyarrow schema from a pyarrow Table.

func PySchemaToSchema

func PySchemaToSchema(pySchema *python3.PyObject) (*arrow.Schema, error)

PySchemaToSchema given a Python schema gets the Go Arrow schema.

func PyTableGetPyColumn

func PyTableGetPyColumn(pyTable *python3.PyObject, name string) (*python3.PyObject, error)

PyTableGetPyColumn returns the PyColumn given the name from the PyTable

func PyTableToColumns

func PyTableToColumns(pyTable *python3.PyObject) (*arrow.Schema, []array.Column, error)

PyTableToColumns returns the records in the pyarrow table.

func PyTableToColumnsWithSchema

func PyTableToColumnsWithSchema(pyTable *python3.PyObject, schema *arrow.Schema) ([]array.Column, error)

PyTableToColumns returns the columns in the pyarrow table.

func PyTableToTable

func PyTableToTable(pyTable *python3.PyObject) (array.Table, error)


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