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func StructToXML

func StructToXML(e *xml.Encoder, node *XMLNode, sorted bool) error

StructToXML writes an XMLNode to a xml.Encoder as tokens.

func UnmarshalXML

func UnmarshalXML(v interface{}, d *xml.Decoder, wrapper string) error

UnmarshalXML deserializes an xml.Decoder into the container v. V needs to match the shape of the XML expected to be decoded. If the shape doesn't match unmarshaling will fail.


type XMLNode

type XMLNode struct {
	Name     xml.Name              `json:",omitempty"`
	Children map[string][]*XMLNode `json:",omitempty"`
	Text     string                `json:",omitempty"`
	Attr     []xml.Attr            `json:",omitempty"`

	// contains filtered or unexported fields


A XMLNode contains the values to be encoded or decoded.

func NewXMLElement

func NewXMLElement(name xml.Name) *XMLNode

NewXMLElement returns a pointer to a new XMLNode initialized to default values.

func XMLToStruct

func XMLToStruct(d *xml.Decoder, s *xml.StartElement) (*XMLNode, error)

XMLToStruct converts a xml.Decoder stream to XMLNode with nested values.

func (*XMLNode) AddChild

func (n *XMLNode) AddChild(child *XMLNode)

AddChild adds child to the XMLNode.