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type MatchingDSSpecFinder

type MatchingDSSpecFinder interface {
	FindMatchingDSSpec(name string) *rrd.DSSpec

type ReadCache

type ReadCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ReadCache) DsIdsFromIdent

func (r *ReadCache) DsIdsFromIdent(ident string) map[string]int64

func (*ReadCache) FsFind

func (r *ReadCache) FsFind(pattern string) []*rrd.FsFindNode

func (*ReadCache) GetDSById

func (r *ReadCache) GetDSById(id int64) *rrd.DataSource

func (*ReadCache) Reload

func (r *ReadCache) Reload() error

func (*ReadCache) SeriesQuery

func (r *ReadCache) SeriesQuery(ds *rrd.DataSource, from, to time.Time, maxPoints int64) (rrd.Series, error)

type Transceiver

type Transceiver struct {
	NWorkers                           int
	MaxCacheDuration, MinCacheDuration time.Duration
	MaxCachedPoints                    int
	StatFlushDuration                  time.Duration
	StatsNamePrefix                    string
	DSSpecs                            MatchingDSSpecFinder

	Rcache *ReadCache
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(clstr *cluster.Cluster, serde rrd.SerDe) *Transceiver

func (*Transceiver) ClusterReady

func (t *Transceiver) ClusterReady(ready bool)

func (*Transceiver) FsFind

func (t *Transceiver) FsFind(pattern string) []*rrd.FsFindNode

func (*Transceiver) QueueDataPoint

func (t *Transceiver) QueueDataPoint(name string, ts time.Time, v float64)

func (*Transceiver) QueueStat

func (t *Transceiver) QueueStat(st *statsd.Stat)

func (*Transceiver) QueueStatCount

func (t *Transceiver) QueueStatCount(name string, n int)

func (*Transceiver) Start

func (t *Transceiver) Start() error

func (*Transceiver) Stop

func (t *Transceiver) Stop()

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