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cmc-proapi is an implementation of the CoinMarketCap API in Golang.


import ""


package main

import (

const (
	ApiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY"

func main() {
	// cmcproapi client
	cmc, _ := cmcproapi.New(ApiKey)

	// get info about bitcoin
	info, err := cmc.GetCurrencyInfoBySymbol("BTC")
	if err != nil {
		fmt.Printf("%+v\n", info)




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const (
	ApiDomain         = ""
	ApiVersion        = "v1"
	ApiRequestTimeout = 30


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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(apiKey string) (c *Client, err error)

New returns an instantiated Client struct.

func NewCustom

func NewCustom(args ...interface{}) (c *Client, err error)

NewCustom returns an instantiated Client struct with custom properties.

e.g. NewCustom(apiKey, apiDomain, apiVersion, &http.Client{}, time.Minute)

func (*Client) GetCurrencyInfoById

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyInfoById(id string) (result CurrencyInfoMap, err error)

GetCurrencyInfoById returns all static metadata available for one or more cryptocurrencies.

This information includes details like logo, description, official website URL, social links, and links to a cryptocurrency's technical documentation.

func (*Client) GetCurrencyInfoBySymbol

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyInfoBySymbol(symbol string) (result CurrencyInfoMap, err error)

GetCurrencyInfoBySymbol acts identically to GetCurrencyInfoById, except that it uses symbol instead of id as query parameter.

func (*Client) GetCurrencyListingsLatestAll

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyListingsLatestAll() (result []CurrencyListing, err error)

GetCurrencyListingsLatestAll acts identically to GetCurrencyListingsLatestById, except that it uses predefined values for query parameters.

func (*Client) GetCurrencyListingsLatestById

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyListingsLatestById(
	start, limit, convert_id string) (result []CurrencyListing, err error)

GetCurrencyListingsLatestById returns a paginated list of all active cryptocurrencies with latest market data. The default "market_cap" sort returns cryptocurrency in order of CoinMarketCap's market cap rank.

func (*Client) GetCurrencyListingsLatestBySymbol

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyListingsLatestBySymbol(
	start, limit, convert string) (result []CurrencyListing, err error)

GetCurrencyListingsLatestBySymbol acts identically to GetCurrencyListingsLatestById, except that it uses symbols for convert parameter instead of ids.

func (*Client) GetCurrencyMap

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyMap(
	lstatus ListingStatus, start, limit, symbol string) (result []CurrencyMap, err error)

GetCurrencyMap returns a mapping of cryptocurrencies to unique CoinMarketCap ids.

Per best practices it recommends to utilizing ID instead of cryptocurrency symbols to securely identify cryptocurrencies with other endpoints and in application logic.

func (*Client) GetCurrencyMapAllActive

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyMapAllActive() (result []CurrencyMap, err error)

GetCurrencyMapAllActive acts identically to GetCurrencyMap, except that it uses predefined values for query parameters.

func (*Client) GetCurrencyQuotesLatestById

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyQuotesLatestById(
	id, convert_id string) (result CurrencyQuoteMap, err error)

GetCurrencyQuotesLatestById returns the latest market quote for 1 or more cryptocurrencies.

func (*Client) GetCurrencyQuotesLatestBySymbol

func (c *Client) GetCurrencyQuotesLatestBySymbol(
	symbol, convert string) (result CurrencyQuoteMap, err error)

GetCurrencyQuotesLatestBySymbol acts identically to GetCurrencyQuotesLatestById, except that it uses symbols instead of ids.

func (*Client) GetGlobalQuotesLatestById

func (c *Client) GetGlobalQuotesLatestById(convert_id string) (result GlobalMetrics, err error)

GetGlobalQuotesLatestById returns the latest global cryptocurrency market metrics.

Use the "convert_id" to return market values in multiple fiat and cryptocurrency conversions in the same call.

func (*Client) GetGlobalQuotesLatestBySymbol

func (c *Client) GetGlobalQuotesLatestBySymbol(convert string) (result GlobalMetrics, err error)

GetGlobalQuotesLatestBySymbol acts identically to GetGlobalQuotesLatestById, except that it uses convert instead of convert_id as query parameter.

func (*Client) GetPriceConversionById

func (c *Client) GetPriceConversionById(
	amount, id, convert_id string) (result PriceConversion, err error)

GetPriceConversionById converts an amount of one cryptocurrency or fiat currency into one or more different currencies utilizing the latest market rate for each currency.

func (*Client) GetPriceConversionBySymbol

func (c *Client) GetPriceConversionBySymbol(
	amount, symbol, convert string) (result PriceConversion, err error)

GetPriceConversionBySymbol acts identically to GetPriceConversionById, except that it uses convert and symbol instead of convert_id and id as query parameters.

type ConversionQuote

type ConversionQuote struct {
	Price       float64  `json:"price"`
	LastUpdated jsonTime `json:"last_updated"`

type ConversionQuoteMap

type ConversionQuoteMap map[string]ConversionQuote

type CurrencyInfo

type CurrencyInfo struct {
	Id          int               `json:"id"`
	Name        string            `json:"name"`
	Symbol      string            `json:"symbol"`
	Category    string            `json:"category"`
	Slug        string            `json:"slug"`
	Description string            `json:"description"`
	DateAdded   jsonTime          `json:"date_added"`
	Notice      string            `json:"notice"`
	Tags        []string          `json:"tags"`
	Platform    *CurrencyPlatform `json:"platform"`
	Urls        *CurrencyUrls     `json:"urls"`

type CurrencyInfoMap

type CurrencyInfoMap map[string]CurrencyInfo

type CurrencyListing

type CurrencyListing struct {
	Id                     int               `json:"id"`
	Name                   string            `json:"name"`
	Symbol                 string            `json:"symbol"`
	Slug                   string            `json:"slug"`
	CmcRank                int               `json:"cmc_rank"`
	NumMarketPairs         int               `json:"num_market_pairs,omitempty"`
	CirculatingSupply      float64           `json:"circulating_supply"`
	TotalSupply            float64           `json:"total_supply"`
	MarketCapByTotalSupply float64           `json:"market_cap_by_total_supply,omitempty"`
	MaxSupply              float64           `json:"max_supply"`
	LastUpdated            jsonTime          `json:"last_updated"`
	DateAdded              jsonTime          `json:"date_added"`
	Tags                   []string          `json:"tags"`
	Platform               *CurrencyPlatform `json:"platform"`
	Quote                  *CurrencyQuoteMap `json:"quote"`

type CurrencyMap

type CurrencyMap struct {
	Id                  int               `json:"id"`
	Name                string            `json:"name"`
	Symbol              string            `json:"symbol"`
	Slug                string            `json:"slug"`
	IsActive            int               `json:"is_active"`
	FirstHistoricalData jsonTime          `json:"first_historical_data"`
	LastHistoricalData  jsonTime          `json:"last_historical_data"`
	Platform            *CurrencyPlatform `json:"platform"`

type CurrencyPlatform

type CurrencyPlatform struct {
	Id           int    `json:"id"`
	Name         string `json:"name"`
	Symbol       string `json:"symbol"`
	Slug         string `json:"slug"`
	TokenAddress string `json:"token_address"`

type CurrencyQuote

type CurrencyQuote struct {
	Price             float64  `json:"price"`
	Volume24h         float64  `json:"volume_24h"`
	Volume24hReported float64  `json:"volume_24h_reported,omitempty"`
	Volume7d          float64  `json:"volume_7d,omitempty"`
	Volume7dReported  float64  `json:"volume_7d_reported,omitempty"`
	Volume30d         float64  `json:"volume_30d,omitempty"`
	Volume30dReported float64  `json:"volume_30d_reported,omitempty"`
	MarketCap         float64  `json:"market_cap"`
	PercentChange1h   float64  `json:"percent_change_1h"`
	PercentChange24h  float64  `json:"percent_change_24h"`
	PercentChange7d   float64  `json:"percent_change_7d"`
	LastUpdated       jsonTime `json:"last_updated"`

type CurrencyQuoteMap

type CurrencyQuoteMap map[string]CurrencyQuote

type CurrencyUrls

type CurrencyUrls struct {
	Website      []string `json:"website"`
	TechnicalDoc []string `json:"technical_doc"`
	Explorer     []string `json:"explorer"`
	SourceCode   []string `json:"source_code"`
	MessageBoard []string `json:"message_board"`
	Chat         []string `json:"chat"`
	Announcement []string `json:"announcement"`
	Reddit       []string `json:"reddit"`
	Twitter      []string `json:"twitter"`

type GlobalMetrics

type GlobalMetrics struct {
	BtcDominance           float64         `json:"btc_dominance"`
	EthDominance           float64         `json:"eth_dominance"`
	ActiveCryptocurrencies int             `json:"active_cryptocurrencies"`
	TotalCryptocurrencies  int             `json:"total_cryptocurrencies"`
	ActiveMarketPairs      int             `json:"active_market_pairs"`
	ActiveExchanges        int             `json:"active_exchanges"`
	TotalExchanges         int             `json:"total_exchanges"`
	LastUpdated            jsonTime        `json:"last_updated"`
	Quote                  *GlobalQuoteMap `json:"quote"`

type GlobalQuote

type GlobalQuote struct {
	TotalMarketCap           float64  `json:"total_market_cap"`
	TotalVolume24h           float64  `json:"total_volume_24h"`
	TotalVolume24hReported   float64  `json:"total_volume_24h_reported"`
	AltcoinVolume24h         float64  `json:"altcoin_volume_24h"`
	AltcoinVolume24hReported float64  `json:"altcoin_volume_24h_reported"`
	AltcoinMarketCap         float64  `json:"altcoin_market_cap"`
	LastUpdated              jsonTime `json:"last_updated"`

type GlobalQuoteMap

type GlobalQuoteMap map[string]GlobalQuote

type ListingStatus

type ListingStatus string
const (
	ListingActive    ListingStatus = "active"
	ListingInactive  ListingStatus = "inactive"
	ListingUntracked ListingStatus = "untracked"

type PriceConversion

type PriceConversion struct {
	Id          int                 `json:"id"`
	Name        string              `json:"name"`
	Symbol      string              `json:"symbol"`
	Amount      float64             `json:"amount"`
	LastUpdated jsonTime            `json:"last_updated"`
	Quote       *ConversionQuoteMap `json:"quote"`

type Response

type Response struct {
	Data   json.RawMessage `json:"data"`
	Status ResponseStatus  `json:"status"`

type ResponseStatus

type ResponseStatus struct {
	Timestamp    jsonTime `json:"timestamp"`
	ErrorCode    int      `json:"error_code"`
	ErrorMessage string   `json:"error_message"`
	Elapsed      int      `json:"elapsed"`
	CreditCount  int      `json:"credit_count"`

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