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Published: Aug 3, 2021 License: MIT


Nikel API
Nikel API

A collection of data APIs for the University of Toronto.

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Nikel API Documentation

API Wrappers


Please feel free to submit a pull request to add your own API wrapper to this list!

Self Hosting

Please consult the configuration section on what environment variables to set.

Using Docker

You can pull Nikel API's prebuilt Docker images from Docker Hub.

  1. Pull the latest image from Docker Hub:
docker pull nikelapi/nikel
  1. Run image (you can tweak variables accordingly)
docker run --publish 8080:8080 --detach --name nikel-core nikelapi/nikel:latest
Deployment via Docker compose

Make sure your docker version supports the docker-compose version displayed in the docker-compose.yaml file.

  1. Run docker-compose
docker-compose up -d

Traditional Deployment

Nikel should work on any 32/64 bit system with go installed (version 1.13+ is required).

  1. git clone
git clone
  1. cd into nikel
cd nikel
  1. Update submodules
git submodule update --init
  1. cd into nikel-core
cd nikel-core
  1. Build nikel-core
go build
  1. Run nikel-core
./nikel-core (add .exe suffix if on Windows)


  • By default, nikel-core should be listening and serving on port 8080. To change the port, modify the PORT environment variable.
  • To suppress debug logs, add the environment variable GIN_MODE with the value release.
  • To add optional rate limiting, add the environment variable RATE_LIMIT with a positive integer value representing the number of reqs/s.
  • To add optional disk backed cache (using LevelDB), add the environment variable CACHE_EXPIRY with a positive integer value representing the number of seconds to expire.


For contributing, there are a few things to look out for:

  • Use go fmt to format code.
  • Consult the article Godoc: documenting Go code on how to write comments if you aren't sure.
  • Use go test -v to run all tests.
  • Please try to make a few tests to test code changes (not required, but is always good).

If you find any inconsistencies or parts of code that can be reworked, any pull requests are greatly appreciated.




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