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const (
	// DefaultOpResponse holds message when person choose openstack as their cloud.
	DefaultOpResponse = "We have not reached to openstack yet"
	// DefaultAzResponse holds message when person choose azure as their cloud.
	DefaultAzResponse = "We have not reached to azure yet"
	// DefaultGcpResponse holds message when person choose google as the cloud.
	DefaultGcpResponse = "We have not reached to google cloud yet"
	// DefaultCloudResponse holds default message.
	DefaultCloudResponse = "I feel we are lost in performing the action, guess you have entered wrong cloud. The action was: "


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func GetCredentials

func GetCredentials(gcred *GetCredentialsInput) (db.CloudProfiles, error)

GetCredentials helps in fetching the of the credentials of the specified user along with the cloud details asked for.


type GetCredentialsInput

type GetCredentialsInput struct {
	Profile string
	Cloud   string

GetCredentialsInput holds the information of profile and cloud that has to be fetched from database.

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