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var (

	// Routes holds all the endpoints that neuron exposes.
	Routes = Routs{

		Route{"CreateConsul", "CREATE", "/createconsul", createconsul},
		Route{"GetRegions", "GET", "/getregions", getregions},
		Route{"GetSubnets", "GET", "/getsubnets", getsubnets},

		Route{"GetCount", "GET", "/getcount", getcount},

		Route{"CreateServer", "CREATE", "/createserver", createserver},
		Route{"CreateServerMock", "CREATE", "/createservermock", createservermock},
		Route{"GetServers", "GET", "/getservers", getservers},
		Route{"GetAllServers", "GET", "/getallservers", getallservers},
		Route{"DeleteServers", "DELETE", "/deleteservers", deleteservers},
		Route{"UpdateServers", "UPDATE", "/updateservers", updateservers},

		Route{"CreateNetwork", "CREATE", "/createnetwork", createnetwork},
		Route{"DeleteNetwork", "DELETE", "/deletenetworks", deletenetworks},
		Route{"GetAllNetworks", "GET", "/getallnetworks", getallnetworks},
		Route{"GetNetworks", "GET", "/getnetworks", getnetworks},
		Route{"UpdateNetworks", "UPDATE", "/updatenetwork", updatenetwork},

		Route{"CreateLoadBalancer", "CREATE", "/createloadbalancer", createloadbalancer},
		Route{"DeleteLoadBalancer", "DELETE", "/deleteloadbalancer", deleteloadbalancer},
		Route{"GetLoadBalancer", "GET", "/getloadbalancers", getloadbalancers},
		Route{"GetAllLoadBalancer", "GET", "/getallloadbalancers", getallloadbalancers},

		Route{"CreateImage", "CREATE", "/createimage", createimage},
		Route{"DeleteImage", "DELETE", "/deleteimage", deleteimage},
		Route{"GetImage", "GET", "/getimages", getimages},
		Route{"GetAllImage", "GET", "/getallimages", getallimages},

	// UiRoutes holds all the ui endpoints that neuron supports.
	UiRoutes = UiRouts{
		UiRoute{"NeuRon", "/", neuron},
		UiRoute{"NeuRon", "/neuron", neuron},
		UiRoute{"BuildApp", "/buildapp", buildapp},
		UiRoute{"CloudView", "/cloudview", cloudview},
		UiRoute{"CloudSetting", "/cloudsettings", cloudsetting},
		UiRoute{"CIView", "/ciview", ciview},
		UiRoute{"CISetting", "/cisettings", cisetting},
		UiRoute{"SetCi", "/setci", setci},
		UiRoute{"JenkinsView", "/jenkinsview", jenkinsview},
		UiRoute{"CloudView2", "/cloudview2", cloudview2},
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var UiTemplatePath string

UiTemplatePath holds the path to folder consisting of UI gotemplates and other files to host UI.


func FillMyStruct

func FillMyStruct(s FillStructs) error

FillMyStruct helps converting map[string]interface to strut type you need.

func Nouifound

func Nouifound(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

Nouifound will display appropriate page if UI is not configured.


type CIData

type CIData struct {
	Id bson.ObjectId `bson:"_id,omitempty" json:"id"`
	//Id         int       `bson:"_id,omitempty" json:"id"`
	CiName     string    `json:"CiName" bson:"ciname"`
	CiURL      string    `json:"CiURL" bson:"ciurl"`
	CiUsername string    `json:"CiUsername" bson:"ciusername"`
	CiPassword string    `json:"CiPassword" bson:"cipassword"`
	Timestamp  time.Time `json:"Timestamp" bson:"timestamp"`

type Error

type Error struct {
	Error string

type FillStructs

type FillStructs struct {
	Data interface{} `json:"Data,omitempty"`
	Type interface{} `json:"Type,omitempty"`

func (*FillStructs) SetField

func (s *FillStructs) SetField(obj interface{}, name string, value interface{}) error

SetField is a method where actual converstion of map[string]interface to strut happens.

type Route

type Route struct {
	Name        string
	Method      string
	Pattern     string
	HandlerFunc http.HandlerFunc

Route holds the data which will be used while setting up router (API).

type Routs

type Routs []Route

Routs implements array of Route.

type UiRoute

type UiRoute struct {
	Name        string
	Pattern     string
	HandlerFunc http.HandlerFunc

UiRoute as name specifies holds the data which will be used while setting up router (API for UI).

type UiRouts

type UiRouts []UiRoute

UiRouts implements array of UiRoute.

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