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Package dbcommon will help user to fetch



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func ConfigDb

func ConfigDb(d database.Storage) (interface{}, error)

ConfigDb will help neuron to set the database, so that neuron can use it in further operations.

func CreateUser

func CreateUser(d database.DataDetail, data database.UserData) (interface{}, error)

CreateUser helps in creating user for neuron so that created user has appripriate permission to carry out the operations.

func GetCiData

func GetCiData(ci string, d ...database.DataDetail) (database.CiData, error)

GetCiData will hep in fething the data of CI stored in neuron.

func GetCloudCredentails

func GetCloudCredentails(data database.UserData, cred database.GetCloudAccess, d ...database.DataDetail) (database.CloudProfiles, error)

GetCloudCredentails helps in fetching access details of cloud stored under a particular cloud-profile of user.

func GetUserDetails

func GetUserDetails(d database.DataDetail, data database.UserData) (interface{}, error)

GetUserDetails helps in fetching the user details stored as part of neuron.

func StoreCIdata

func StoreCIdata(d database.DataDetail, data database.CiData) (interface{}, error)

StoreCIdata will help neuron store information with regards to CI tool on to the database configured.

func UpdateUser

func UpdateUser(session interface{}, d database.DataDetail, data database.UserData) (interface{}, error)

UpdateUser helps in updating details of user created in neuron. This comes handy if you would like to add cloud profiles to the existing user. This not the only use, but is just a use case.


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