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const (
	TerraformResourceCluster        = "cluster"
	TerraformResourceImage          = "image"
	TerraformResourceImages         = "images"
	TerraformResourceClusters       = "clusters"
	TerraformResourceImagesStored   = "images_stored"
	TerraformResourceKeepTarball    = "keep_tarball"
	TerraformResourceTarballStored  = "tarball_stored"
	TerraformResourceNodes          = "nodes"
	TerraformResourceNodesList      = "node_list"
	TerraformResourceClusterList    = "clusters_list"
	TerraformResourceAll            = "all"
	TerraformResourceNotEncode      = "not_encoded"
	TerraformResourceEncode         = "encode"
	TerraformResourceKubeConfig     = "kube_config"
	TerraformResourceStatus         = "status"
	TerraformResourceStart          = "start"
	TerraformResourceStop           = "stop"
	TerraformResourceRole           = "role"
	TerraformResourceReplicas       = "replicas"
	TerraformResourceWait           = "wait"
	TerraformResourceTimeout        = "timeout"
	TerraformResourceMemory         = "memory"
	TerraformResourceCreatedAt      = "creation_time"
	TerraformResourceName           = "name"
	TerraformResourceState          = "state"
	TerraformResourceRegistries     = "registries"
	TerraformResourceRegistriesList = "registries_list"
	TerraformResourcePort           = "port"
	TerraformResourceHost           = "host"
	TerraformResourceExpose         = "expose"
	TerraformResourceProtocol       = "protocol"
	TerraformResourceProxy          = "proxy"
	TerraformResourceMetadata       = "metadata"
	TerraformResourceConnect        = "connect"
	TerraformUseProxy               = "use_proxy"
	TerraformResourceConfigFile     = "config_file"
	TerraformK3dLabel               = "k3d.terraform"
	TerraformK3dRegistry            = "registry"
	TerraformKubernetesVersion      = "kubernetes_version"
	TerraformK3dAPIVersion          = "k3d_api_version"
	TerraformK3dKind                = "kind"
	TerraformK3dRuntime             = "runtime"
	TerraformTimeOut5               = 5
	K3DRepoDEFAULT                  = "rancher/k3s"


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func Bool

func Bool(value interface{}) bool

Bool returns bool converted interface.

func Contains

func Contains(s []string, searchTerm string) bool

Contains returns true if given element is present the specified slice.

func Encoder

func Encoder(value string) string

Encoder return base64 encoded string passed to it.

func GetChecksum

func GetChecksum(value string) (string, error)

GetChecksum gets the checksum of passed string.

func GetHash

func GetHash(s string) int

GetHash gets the hash of passed string.

func GetRandomID

func GetRandomID() (string, error)

GetRandomID returns a random id when invoked.

func GetSlice

func GetSlice(slice []interface{}) (stringSLice []string)

GetSlice returns StringSlice of passed interface array.

func Int

func Int(value interface{}) int

Int returns bool converted interface.

func JSON

func JSON(data interface{}) (string, error)

JSON returns json encoded data structure passed to it

func Map

func Map(value interface{}) (map[string]string, error)

Map returns array flattens the object passed to []map[string]interface{} to simplify terraform attributes saving.

func MapSlice

func MapSlice(value interface{}) ([]map[string]interface{}, error)

MapSlice returns array flattens the object passed to []map[string]interface{} to simplify terraform attributes saving.

func String

func String(value interface{}) string

String returns string converted interface.

func Yaml

func Yaml(data interface{}) (string, error)

Yaml returns yaml encoded data structure passed to it


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