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func NewClient

func NewClient(config command.Config, ui command.UI, skipSSLValidation bool) *plugin.Client

NewClients creates a new V2 Cloud Controller client and UAA client using the passed in config.


type Config

type Config interface {
	DialTimeout() time.Duration
	Verbose() (bool, []string)

type ProgressBarProxyReader

type ProgressBarProxyReader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ProgressBarProxyReader wraps a progress bar in a ProxyReader interface.

func NewProgressBarProxyReader

func NewProgressBarProxyReader(writer io.Writer) *ProgressBarProxyReader

func (ProgressBarProxyReader) Finish

func (p ProgressBarProxyReader) Finish()

func (*ProgressBarProxyReader) Start

func (p *ProgressBarProxyReader) Start(size int64)

func (ProgressBarProxyReader) Wrap

func (p ProgressBarProxyReader) Wrap(reader io.Reader) io.ReadCloser

type RPCService

type RPCService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRPCService

func NewRPCService(config Config, ui UI) (*RPCService, error)

func (RPCService) GetMetadata

func (r RPCService) GetMetadata(path string) (configv3.Plugin, error)

func (RPCService) Run

func (r RPCService) Run(path string, command string) error

type UI

type UI interface {
	Writer() io.Writer

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