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type UNP

type UNP struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler is implemented by any handler. The Handle method is used to process event

func (*UNP) Init

func (u *UNP) Init(c *config.Config, etcdClient etcdv3.Client, ctx context.Context) error

Init initializes handler configuration

func (*UNP) K8sToNimbess

func (u *UNP) K8sToNimbess(unpConfig *unpv1.UnifiedNetworkPolicy) (*model.KVPair, error)

K8stoNimbess translates a K8S UNP Config into a Nimbess Key/Value Pair to be written into ETCD

func (*UNP) ObjectCreated

func (u *UNP) ObjectCreated(obj interface{})

ObjectCreated creates entry in Nimbess DB with translated object

func (*UNP) ObjectDeleted

func (u *UNP) ObjectDeleted(name string)

ObjectDeleted deletes entry in Nimbess DB with translated object

func (*UNP) ObjectUpdated

func (u *UNP) ObjectUpdated(oldObj, newObj interface{})

ObjectUpdated updates entry in Nimbess DB with translated object

func (*UNP) TestHandler

func (u *UNP) TestHandler()

TestHandler tests the handler configuration writing tests objects into DB

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