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var ErrNotCompiled = errors.New("camlistored was not built with SQLite support. Rebuild with go get/install --tags=with_sqlite " + compileHint())


func CompiledIn

func CompiledIn() bool

CompiledIn returns whether SQLite support is compiled in. If it returns false, the build tag "with_sqlite" was not specified.

func EnableWAL

func EnableWAL() string

EnableWAL returns the statement to enable Write-Ahead Logging, which improves SQLite concurrency. Requires SQLite >= 3.7.0

func IsWALCapable

func IsWALCapable() bool

IsWALCapable checks if the installed sqlite3 library can use Write-Ahead Logging (i.e version >= 3.7.0)

func NewStorage

func NewStorage(file string) (index.Storage, error)

NewStorage returns an index.Storage implementation of the described SQLite database. This exists mostly for testing and does not initialize the schema.

func SQLCreateTables

func SQLCreateTables() []string

func SchemaVersion

func SchemaVersion() int


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