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Package ocsp parses OCSP responses as specified in RFC 2560. OCSP responses are signed messages attesting to the validity of a certificate for a small period of time. This is used to manage revocation for X.509 certificates.



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const (
	// Good means that the certificate is valid.
	Good = iota
	// Revoked means that the certificate has been deliberately revoked.
	Revoked = iota
	// Unknown means that the OCSP responder doesn't know about the certificate.
	Unknown = iota
	// ServerFailed means that the OCSP responder failed to process the request.
	ServerFailed = iota


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type ParseError

type ParseError string

ParseError results from an invalid OCSP response.

func (ParseError) Error

func (p ParseError) Error() string

type Response

type Response struct {
	// Status is one of {Good, Revoked, Unknown, ServerFailed}
	Status                                        int
	SerialNumber                                  []byte
	ProducedAt, ThisUpdate, NextUpdate, RevokedAt time.Time
	RevocationReason                              int
	Certificate                                   *x509.Certificate

Response represents an OCSP response. See RFC 2560.

func ParseResponse

func ParseResponse(bytes []byte) (*Response, error)

ParseResponse parses an OCSP response in DER form. It only supports responses for a single certificate and only those using RSA signatures. Non-RSA responses will result in an x509.UnsupportedAlgorithmError. Signature errors or parse failures will result in a ParseError.

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