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micro web

The micro web provides a dashboard to view and query services as well as a reverse proxy to serve micro web applications. We believe in web apps as first class citizens in a microservice world.


- / (UI)
- /[service]
- /rpc


Feature Description
UI A dashboard to view and query running services
Proxy A reverse proxy to micro web services (includes websocket support)

Micro Web has a built in HTTP reverse proxy for micro web apps. This essentially allows you to treat web applications as first class citizens in a microservices environment. The proxy will use /[service] along with the namespace (default: go.micro.web) to lookup the service in service discovery. It composes service name as [namespace].[name].

The proxy will strip /[service] from the request and forward the rest of the URL Path to the web app. It will also set the header "X-Micro-Web-Base-Path" to the removed path incase you need to use it for some reason like constructing URLs.

Example translation

Path Service Service Path Header: X-Micro-Web-Base-Path
/foo go.micro.web.foo / /foo
/foo/bar go.micro.web.foo /bar /foo

Note: The web proxy speaks to services using HTTP. There is no ability to switch out transport.

Getting Started

go get github.com/micro/micro
Run Web UI/Proxy
micro web

Browse to localhost:8082

Serve Secure TLS

The Web proxy supports serving securely with TLS certificates

micro --enable_tls --tls_cert_file=/path/to/cert --tls_key_file=/path/to/key web
Set Namespace

The Web defaults to serving the namespace go.micro.web. The combination of namespace and request path are used to resolve a service to reverse proxy for.

micro web --namespace=com.example.web


You can enable a stats dashboard via the --enable_stats flag. It will be exposed on /stats.

micro --enable_stats web


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Package web is a web dashboard and reverse proxy for micro web apps



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var (

	// Default server name
	Name = "go.micro.web"
	// Default address to bind to
	Address = ":8082"
	// The namespace to serve
	// Example:
	// Namespace + /[Service]/foo/bar
	// Host: Namespace.Service Endpoint: /foo/bar
	Namespace = "go.micro.web"
	// Base path sent to web service.
	// This is stripped from the request path
	// Allows the web service to define absolute paths
	BasePathHeader = "X-Micro-Web-Base-Path"
	// CORS specifies the hosts to allow for CORS
	CORS = map[string]bool{"*": true}


func Commands

func Commands() []cli.Command

func Plugins

func Plugins() []plugin.Plugin

Plugins lists the web plugins

func Register

func Register(pl plugin.Plugin) error

Register registers an web plugin


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