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func ApplyLayer

func ApplyLayer(ctx context.Context, layer Layer, chain []digest.Digest, sn snapshots.Snapshotter, a diff.Differ, opts ...snapshots.Opt) (bool, error)

ApplyLayer applies a single layer on top of the given provided layer chain, using the provided snapshotter and applier. If the layer was unpacked true is returned, if the layer already exists false is returned.

func ApplyLayers

func ApplyLayers(ctx context.Context, layers []Layer, sn snapshots.Snapshotter, a diff.Differ) (digest.Digest, error)

ApplyLayers applies all the layers using the given snapshotter and applier. The returned result is a chain id digest representing all the applied layers. Layers are applied in order they are given, making the first layer the bottom-most layer in the layer chain.

func Diff

func Diff(ctx context.Context, snapshotID string, sn snapshots.Snapshotter, d diff.Differ, opts ...diff.Opt) (ocispec.Descriptor, error)

Diff creates a layer diff for the given snapshot identifier from the parent of the snapshot. A content ref is provided to track the progress of the content creation and the provided snapshotter and mount differ are used for calculating the diff. The descriptor for the layer diff is returned.

func InitRootFS

func InitRootFS(ctx context.Context, name string, parent digest.Digest, readonly bool, snapshotter snapshots.Snapshotter, mounter Mounter) ([]mount.Mount, error)

InitRootFS initializes the snapshot for use as a rootfs


type Layer

type Layer struct {
	Diff ocispec.Descriptor
	Blob ocispec.Descriptor

Layer represents the descriptors for a layer diff. These descriptions include the descriptor for the uncompressed tar diff as well as a blob used to transport that tar. The blob descriptor may or may not describe a compressed object.

type Mounter

type Mounter interface {
	Mount(target string, mounts ...mount.Mount) error
	Unmount(target string) error

Mounter handles mount and unmount

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