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Package templates contains embedded resources



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var (
	ImageFormats = []string{"jpg", "jpeg", "png", "webm", "gif"}
	VideoFormats = []string{"mkv", "webm", "mp4", "ogv"}
	AudioFormats = []string{"mp3", "flac", "ogg", "opus", "aac"}
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var Frontpage = template.New("").Funcs(htmlFns)


func Initialize

func Initialize()

func QuickRender

func QuickRender(content Renderer) errchi.HandlerFunc

func Render

func Render(w io.Writer, content Renderer, tz *time.Location) (int, error)


type Message

type Message struct {
	ID        discord.MessageID
	Author    template.HTML
	Timestamp template.HTML
	Content   template.HTML
	AvatarURL string

	// If the last author is the same
	Small bool

	Message discord.Message
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func RenderMessage

func RenderMessage(state *state.State, dm discord.Message) Message

func (Message) Render

func (m Message) Render(w io.Writer) error

func (Message) RenderWithTimezone

func (m Message) RenderWithTimezone(w io.Writer, location *time.Location) error

type MessageDelete

type MessageDelete struct {
	ID discord.MessageID

func (MessageDelete) Render

func (d MessageDelete) Render(w io.Writer) error

type Messages

type Messages []Message

func RenderMessages

func RenderMessages(state *state.State, dmsgs []discord.Message) Messages

func (Messages) Render

func (ms Messages) Render(w io.Writer) error

func (Messages) RenderWithTimezone

func (ms Messages) RenderWithTimezone(w io.Writer, location *time.Location) error

type Renderer

type Renderer interface {
	Render(w io.Writer) error

type RendererWithTimezone

type RendererWithTimezone interface {
	RenderWithTimezone(w io.Writer, tz *time.Location) error

type Typer

type Typer struct {
	UserID discord.UserID
	Name   string
	When   time.Time

type Typing

type Typing struct {
	Typers []Typer
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Typing) AddTyper

func (ts *Typing) AddTyper(t Typer)

func (*Typing) Filter

func (ts *Typing) Filter(fn func(Typer) bool) bool

Filter filters out typers. A true returned keeps the struct. The returned bool is true when the slice is changed.

func (*Typing) Render

func (ts *Typing) Render(w io.Writer) error

func (*Typing) String

func (ts *Typing) String() string


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