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ethkey is a simple command-line tool for working with Ethereum keyfiles.


ethkey generate

Generate a new keyfile. If you want to use an existing private key to use in the keyfile, it can be specified by setting --privatekey with the location of the file containing the private key.

ethkey inspect <keyfile>

Print various information about the keyfile. Private key information can be printed by using the --private flag; make sure to use this feature with great caution!

ethkey sign <keyfile> <message/file>

Sign the message with a keyfile. It is possible to refer to a file containing the message.

ethkey verify <address> <signature> <message/file>

Verify the signature of the message. It is possible to refer to a file containing the message.


For every command that uses a keyfile, you will be prompted to provide the passphrase for decrypting the keyfile. To avoid this message, it is possible to pass the passphrase by using the --passphrase flag pointing to a file that contains the passphrase.


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