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Published: Jan 22, 2019 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 6 Imported by: 0


Swarm ENS interface


Full documentation for the Ethereum Name Service can be found as EIP 137. This package offers a simple binding that streamlines the registration of arbitrary UTF8 domain names to swarm content hashes.


The SOL file in contract subdirectory implements the ENS root registry, a simple first-in, first-served registrar for the root namespace, and a simple resolver contract; they're used in tests, and can be used to deploy these contracts for your own purposes.

The solidity source code can be found at github.com/arachnid/ens/.

The go bindings for ENS contracts are generated using abigen via the go generator:

go generate ./contracts/ens




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var (
	MainNetAddress = common.HexToAddress("0x314159265dD8dbb310642f98f50C066173C1259b")
	TestNetAddress = common.HexToAddress("0x112234455c3a32fd11230c42e7bccd4a84e02010")


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type ENS

type ENS struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

swarm domain name registry and resolver

func DeployENS

func DeployENS(transactOpts *bind.TransactOpts, contractBackend bind.ContractBackend) (common.Address, *ENS, error)

DeployENS deploys an instance of the ENS nameservice, with a 'first-in, first-served' root registrar.

func NewENS

func NewENS(transactOpts *bind.TransactOpts, contractAddr common.Address, contractBackend bind.ContractBackend) (*ENS, error)

NewENS creates a struct exposing convenient high-level operations for interacting with the Ethereum Name Service.

func (*ENS) Register

func (self *ENS) Register(name string) (*types.Transaction, error)

Register registers a new domain name for the caller, making them the owner of the new name. Only works if the registrar for the parent domain implements the FIFS registrar protocol.

func (*ENS) Resolve

func (self *ENS) Resolve(name string) (common.Hash, error)

Resolve is a non-transactional call that returns the content hash associated with a name.

func (*ENS) SetContentHash

func (self *ENS) SetContentHash(name string, hash common.Hash) (*types.Transaction, error)

SetContentHash sets the content hash associated with a name. Only works if the caller owns the name, and the associated resolver implements a `setContent` function.

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