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Package config contains the configuration used by the server



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type APIConfiguration

type APIConfiguration struct {
	GrpcPort int
	RestPort int

APIConfiguration defines the configuration for the gRPC and REST api

type AppdashConfiguration

type AppdashConfiguration struct {
	Host string
	Port int

type AuthConfiguration

type AuthConfiguration struct {
	Name  string
	Vault *VaultConfiguration

type BadgerConfiguration

type BadgerConfiguration struct {
	Path string

type BoltDBConfiguration

type BoltDBConfiguration struct {
	Bucket string
	File   string

BoltDBConfiguration defines the configuration for BoltDB storage backend

type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	API     *APIConfiguration
	Tracing *TracingConfiguration
	Storage *StorageConfiguration
	Auth    *AuthConfiguration

Configuration holds configuration for Enigma.

func LoadFileConfig

func LoadFileConfig(file string) (*Configuration, error)

LoadFileConfig returns a Configuration from reading the specified file (a toml file).

func New

func New() *Configuration

New returns a Configuration with default values

type JaegerConfiguration

type JaegerConfiguration struct {
	Host string
	Port int

type LevelDBConfiguration

type LevelDBConfiguration struct {
	Path string

type MongoDBConfiguration

type MongoDBConfiguration struct {
	Address    string
	Database   string
	Collection string

type RedisConfiguration

type RedisConfiguration struct {
	Address   string
	Keyprefix string

type StorageConfiguration

type StorageConfiguration struct {
	Name    string
	BoltDB  *BoltDBConfiguration
	LevelDB *LevelDBConfiguration
	Redis   *RedisConfiguration
	MongoDB *MongoDBConfiguration
	Badger  *BadgerConfiguration

type TracingConfiguration

type TracingConfiguration struct {
	Name    string
	Zipkin  *ZipkinConfiguration
	Appdash *AppdashConfiguration
	Jaeger  *JaegerConfiguration

TracingConfiguration defines the OpenTracing usage

type VaultConfiguration

type VaultConfiguration struct {
	Address    string
	Roleid     string
	Secretid   string
	HealthUser string `toml:"healthuser"`
	HealthKey  string `toml:"healthkey"`

type ZipkinConfiguration

type ZipkinConfiguration struct {
	Host string
	Port int

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