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func ArgMax

func ArgMax(v []float64) int

ArgMax finds the index of the max argument

func ArgMin

func ArgMin(v []float64) int

ArgMin finds the index of the min argument

func ArgMinMax

func ArgMinMax(v []float64) (imin, imax int)

ArgMinMax finds the indices of min and max arguments

func Copy

func Copy(in []float64) []float64

func CumSum

func CumSum(dst, src []float64) []float64

func EqualApprox

func EqualApprox(a, b float64) bool

func FillFloatSlice

func FillFloatSlice(slice []float64, value float64)

Fill the given slice's elements with value

func MakeFloat64Matrix

func MakeFloat64Matrix(rows, cols int) [][]float64

func Max

func Max(v []float64) (m float64)

func Sign

func Sign(a float64) int

func SoftMax

func SoftMax(v []float64) (sm []float64)

SoftMax returns the results of the softmax function.

func StrToFloat64Slice

func StrToFloat64Slice(str string) ([]float64, error)

func Sum

func Sum(v []float64) (s float64)
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